Ruben Bacon cycling coach

Ruben Bacon

CTS Expert Coach


“I think that understanding where the athlete is coming from in their daily lives is equally important to the training prescribed. Understanding what gets the athlete excited as well as understanding the athletes’ goals fully as they pertain to their life is the greatest thing I strive for as a coach.”


Coach Bio:

I am a graduate of Milligan College who specialized in two different concentrations. During my junior years and as a collegiate athlete I was a cyclist on the international level and in the amateur pro ranks. I have raced around the world and in many different disciplines.

I got into coaching through the sport and being around coaches growing up. My true interest didn’t come along until I began doing fieldwork and internships with CTS. Thus began my true venture into coaching that has now turned into a profession. I love coaching because it is an ever-evolving field and one where you can always learn more and where the circumstances are never alike. Most importantly though it is a field where I can help the athlete achieve their goals and understand more about themselves. All of this combined makes it an exciting job and one that I will continue to be passionate about.


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In Or Coached Athletes For


  • Nationals (Junior from 2015-2018 ; Amateur Elite from 2019-present ; Collegiate 2018-2021)
  • Junior tour de LaAbitibi
  • Junior tour de La Rimouski
  • Junior tour of Ireland
  • USAC Olympic Development Program (COS OTC)
  • KY State Championships (Junior and Pro)


  • SBT 140
  • Berry Roubaix
  • Mid South 100
  • Dirty South

MTB : 

  • Nationals (Collegiate 2018-2021)
  • Lumberjack 100
  • DINO MTB Series

Lexington, Kentucky

Coaching Packages:
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Milligan University BS Exercise Science for Coaching and Sports Management, Level 3 USAC Coach