Bri Boley

CTS Expert Coach

“My coaching approach utilizes current, science-based training theory in combination with the belief that individualized, sustainable training practices are essential for longevity in running and life. As a working mom and athlete myself, I am especially passionate about helping busy athletes optimize training time and maintain consistency while striking a healthy work-life-training balance. This multifactorial lens allows for short-term results and performance gains as well as long-term goal achievement, health, and joy.”


Coach Bio:

My running journey began as a young teenager, recently self-retired from gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. Due to a high degree of hypermobility, muscular imbalance and weakness, and a lack of training knowledge, I suffered from chronic injury and pain for a number of years. Rather than addressing the root causes, I was prescribed a variety of custom orthotics and told over and over to quit running before my joints reached a point of no return. However, my passion for running was fierce and I was determined to find solutions. Thus began my journey of relentless self-study, research, and applying this newfound knowledge to myself.

Over the course of some years and along with the help of a few great professionals, my injuries lessened and my running volume increased. During my college-aged years I dabbled in thru-hiking, then successfully ran my first ultramarathon in 2016. My hunger for learning running and training science only increased, which ultimately led me to coaching in 2017 then going back to school in 2021 to complete my degree in Exercise Science. Due to my background of working my way from being a back-of-the-pack 5k’er to a front-of-the-pack ultrarunner, I can personally relate to athletes at every stage of their running journey, including those looking to finish their first ultra injury-free, improve as a new parent or a masters athlete, or those looking to PR or podium. I believe that hard work, dedication, and belief in yourself pays off, and I am deeply passionate about helping runners overcome challenges to chase down their athletic dreams.

Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated/Coached Athletes For:
Coached Athletes For:
Moab 240
Tahoe 200
Bigfoot 200
Mountain Lakes 100
Desert RATS 150 stage race
Gorge Waterfalls 100k
Participated In:
Moab 240
Cascade Crest 100
Javelina Jundred
Bigfoot 100k
White River 50
Chuckanut 50k

Winthrop, WA

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BS in Health and Human Performance: Exercise Science, UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach