Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

Get One-On-One MTB Skills Coaching That Will Give You The Skills To Tackle More Challenging Trails With Confidence

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Whether You're A Beginner Or Advanced Mountain Biker, Our Clinics Are Personalized To Your Skill Level

Interested in progressing your mountain bike skills? Want to ride more confidently, with more stability, go faster, and have more fun? We can help. Maybe you are new to mountain biking and want to get started on the right foot, or perhaps you are already a mountain biker but want to tackle more aggressive terrain or simply go faster.

Our professionally certified skills instructors can guide you through a custom curriculum designed to match your skill ability. Even in a single session, you’ll be able to track improvement through drills and lessons. In a short amount of time, you’ll be tackling more challenging trails by confidently applying intentional skills.

We can customize a skills clinic for you that's anywhere from a couple hours long to a couple days depending on what you're hoping to achieve.

Here Are Just Some Of The Skills We Can Cover In A Clinic:
  • MTB Skills Fundamentals
  • Cornering
  • Braking
  • Wheel Lifts
  • Balance And Body Position
  • Drops
  • Rocky And Technical Terrain
  • Gravity-Downhill Skills
  • Enduro Skills
Book Your Skills Clinic Now

CTS Professional Mountain Bike Guides

Ryan DeGarmo
With over 15 years experience leading outdoor classes and outings, a certified PMBI Mountain Bike Instructor, and Certified Wilderness First Aid Responder, Ryan DeGarmo is the perfect guide to lead your next mountain bike adventure. Ryan’s many years as an Adventure Leader and extensive knowledge of Brevard’s wilderness areas will ensure a fun, safe, and memorable ride over trails uniquely suited to your abitlies.

MTB Skills Training Methodology

Let’s face it, there are a lot of different skills involved in maneuvering a mountain bike in complicated terrain. The key to progression is to break things down into individual skill components and work on them one at a time in non-challenging terrain. Once a level of mastery for a specific skill is achieved, you can work on incorporating that skill back into the bigger picture on progressively more challenging trails.

We prefer to teach skills on actual trail terrain, rather than primarily with props in a parking lot for example. Sometimes it’s great to introduce a fundamental in a grass field, but we typically move quickly to applying that skill in the actual environment it will be used - trails!

Main MTB Skills Clinic Location

Mountain bike skills instruction is based out of our Brevard, North Carolina training center. With easy year-round access to some of the best mountain bike terrain in the country, we can easily match the terrain difficulty with your skill level and goals.

CTS is one of only a few companies to hold permits to operate in both the famous Pisgah National Forest and the equally stunning DuPont State Forest, offering the widest variety of trails to teach on. From smooth-berm flow trail to chunky big drop technical trails, we can always find the perfect terrain to emphasize the skill being taught whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional racer.

Want someone to work with your entire club at your home trail system? How about specific instruction on the actual trail of your goal event? We can create custom skills instruction to match your needs. 

Lead MTB Skills Instructor – Josh Whitmore

A CTS coach since 2012, Josh comes from a background as a professional mountain bike racer and a previous career in outdoor education and mountain guiding.  Our most highly trained and experienced skills coach, Josh is certified as a level 2 instructor with the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association, Wilderness First Responder, level 2 USAC coach, along with a host of instructor certifications for mountain guiding, backcountry skiing, and whitewater paddling.

With a Masters degree in outdoor education, Josh has dedicated his life to teaching others outdoor skills and helping them pursue their passions. In addition to working with skills clients directly, Josh often serves as an instructor-trainer, helping other people become excellent outdoor skills instructors.