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"Matt is very knowledgeable and professional. I have previously tried another coach who left me wondering why I’m even training with a one. It took me by surprise when I realized that Matt is actually listening to me, he’s checking my ride stats and progress, and most of all, I feel that all the guesswork is gone from my training. I’m new to cycling, and any question I have, Matt has an answer. During my first two months with Matt my FTP has improved quite a bit, and I’m excited to see how my cycling looks next spring and summer. I was really lucky to get Matt as my coach."

CTS Athlete: Susann
CTS Coach: Matt Freeman

"Working with Coach Fitz has opened my eyes to the benefits of customizing and adapting training that is specific to my needs. While I am focused on ultra running, he is also able to prescribe training across other modalities to combine everything into a single plan with the ultimate end goal of making me a better athlete. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with coaches prescribing standard training (i.e. threshold, intervals, long run in a week) that I can accomplish on my own through any training book or website. In addition to the effective training, Coach Fitz thinks about the “other” factors that make preparing for ultra distance races unique (nutrition, temperature, terrain, etc.). We’re just getting started on this journey, but I’m stoked to see how much progress is made after stacking multiple training blocks together."

CTS Athlete: Jonathan Edwards
CTS Coach: John Fitzgerald

"I could not be more pleased with the way my coaching is going. Darcy is such a good listener/communicator that I always feel like we are on the same page, She designs training that works toward goals that are important to me and she is always willing to adjust my training “when life happens”. I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made and the things I’ve accomplished in the time we’ve been working together. She’s really intuitive about how my training is going and how I’m feeling physically and psychologically. As an older athlete I appreciate that she understands the differences between me and all her other athletes. She’s just as enthusiastic about my training and performance as she is about her elite runners and cyclists."

CTS Athlete: Paul Matheny
CTS Coach: Darcie Murphy

"Adam met me exactly where I was in my journey to becoming an Ultra athlete! My schedule was pretty restrictive, but he worked with me to make a massive jump from having run only 1 official marathon to running 100 miles! 11/10 would recommend Adam to anyone looking to level up their running."

CTS Athlete: Luke
CTS Coach: Adam Ferdinandson

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