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This is your chance to learn about how coaching works, what kind of fitness gains you can expect, and connect with a couple of coaches before you decide who you'd like to work with. We want to give you the opportunity to fully understand our coaching programs before making the leap to sign up to work with a CTS Coach.

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How It Works

Submit the short form below with a bit of your athletic background so we can find the best coach for you to talk with.
Our Athlete Services Team will then match you with a couple of coaches to talk with who are best suited to your goals.
Have a couple of quick 20 minute calls with coaches where you can ask questions and see which coach you match best with.

Athletes' Experiences With CTS

"The coaches are simply amazing. From customized training plans accessible via mobile app to fully immersive training camps, you can find the right level of guidance and education you need to reach your full potential. As a personal trainer, I can vouch for the efficacy of having someone else tell you what to do to help take some of the guesswork out of training, as well as avoiding common training mistakes."

- Jennifer R. | CTS Athlete

"I want to express how happy I have been over the past 2 years plus working with CTS Coach Renee Eastman. Her desire to help me improve my cycling skills goes way beyond providing me with a weekly training schedule. Our weekly calls are filled with insights and suggestions that are spot on. I learn something new every week, be it a riding tip, nutritional advice, or a helpful suggestion on how to tuck in 8 hours of training in a busy schedule. But, most of all I appreciate that she takes a personal interest in me as an individual. That makes a big difference in my motivation as I do her prescribed intervals! She puts the time in to help me; so I put the time in to become a better cyclist. That is a great coach/cyclist relationship."

- William B. | CTS Athlete

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