Optimize Your Hydration Strategy With a Sweat Test

Everyone loses sodium in their sweat at different rates. Remove the guesswork and get a truly personalized hydration plan.
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What Is a Sweat Test?

We've partnered with Precision Fuel & Hydration to offer a one-time assessment designed to unlock the unique composition of your sweat. You'll discover your body's specific sweat sodium concentration, a crucial piece of the puzzle in building your hydration strategy. The Sweat Test is done at rest, without any need for invasive procedures. No treadmills, no sweat, and absolutely no needles.

Every Athlete Knows Hydration Is Key, But Not Everyone Sweats the Same

  • Sodium loss during exercise can vary dramatically among athletes, from as low as 200mg to as high as 2,000mg per 32oz of sweat
  • This significant variance is mostly genetic, making a standardized hydration plan ineffective for many athletes
  • Adequate sodium balance is essential for maintaining peak performance in endurance sports
  • Sodium enhances fluid absorption, retains optimal blood volume, minimizes cardiovascular strain, and helps prevent cramps and fatigue

How It Works

  1. Book Your Test: Sign up and select a date and time for your Sweat Test.
  2. Discover Your Sweat Sodium Loss: Perform the test at CTS Headquarters in Colorado Springs, without any invasive procedures and while at rest.
  3. Receive a Personalized Hydration Plan: Get a detailed analysis of your sweat sodium concentration and a tailored hydration strategy. Click here to see a sample report.
  4. Adjust as You Evolve: Use the Precision Hydration software to modify your hydration plan for free, ensuring you're always prepared, whether you're tackling a new sport, distance, or challenge.

Testing Location

CTS Headquarters

1319 W Colorado Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Book a Sweat Test and Ensure That Your Hydration Strategy Propels You Towards Your Personal Best

Sweat Test Cost: $200

CTS Athlete Cost: $175

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