Performance Services

Physiological Testing To 3D Bike Fit and More

At CTS we take a comprehensive approach to improving athletic performance. That’s why we offer lactate threshold and VO2 max testing using the same protocols as the US Olympic Training Center, 3D bike fits using the latest infrared motion-capture technology, as well as body composition and resting metabolic rate testing at our locations.

Lactate Threshold Testing

Lactate threshold is one of the most important physiological markers for training and success in endurance sports. By measuring the lactate levels in blood samples we can determine your maximum sustainable performance capacity. The data collected during the test (lactate, heart rate, and power) will be used to establish your lactate threshold, as well as specific heart rate and power training intensities to help you improve your sport-specific performance. A lactate threshold test can be performed on its own, or we can perform both a lactate threshold and VO2 max test at the same time. Call for pricing LT Testing Available in: Colorado Springs, CO and Santa Ynez, CA.

VO2 max is an indicator of your aerobic potential and an opportunity to see where you fall in the fitness spectrum. This test measures oxygen uptake by monitoring oxygen and carbon dioxide in expired air as you reach your maximum exercise workload. We recommend having your lactate threshold and VO2 max tested at the same time, because together the results from both tests provide an even more detailed picture of your current fitness. From a training standpoint, we aim to increase the amount of power you can produce at VO2 max, and how long you can sustain that workload. VO2 max testing is available in Colorado Springs and Santa Ynez.

VO2 Max Testing

3D Dynamic Bike Fit

Optimal positioning on the bike is essential for comfort, aerobic and aerodynamic performance, and injury prevention. With bike fit, experience counts, and CTS coaches perform hundreds of road, mountain bike, and triathlon fits every year, with elite athletes from pro cycling teams and US Paralympic teams to amateur racers and novice riders. Our highly-trained coaches use the latest infrared motion-capture technology from Retul to create a 3-dimensional picture of how you actually ride. And since optimal bike fit is about more than just angles, we spend a lot of time working with you to incorporate information about your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, flexibility and skeletal characteristics, and how you ride. We’re not quick about it, and that’s for your benefit. A great bike fit takes time, and when you roll out of here, you’ll have a riding position that maximizes your power and comfort, for all-day performance. Call for pricing Available in: Colorado Springs, Brevard, and Santa Ynez.

The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test easily, painlessly, and accurately determines the minimum number of calories your body needs to support its basic functions. Since your RMR is generally 60-75% of your total daily caloric expenditure, knowing the minimum number of calories your body needs is critical when you are trying to lose, gain, or maintain weight. Call for pricing Available in: Santa Ynez

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Body Composition Testing

Body composition testing reveals true markers for success in your weight management and fitness programs by measuring your progress in replacing fat with lean muscle mass. Highly trained specialists measure skin fold thicknesses at seven sites and then calculate body fat percentage using age- and gender-specific equations. Call for pricing Available in: Colorado Springs and Santa Ynez.