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Clayton Feldman

I have been lucky enough to work as a coach with CTS since June 2011. Though I have been involved in athletics my entire life, I had avoided endurance sports for many years. Through High School, I competed as a powerlifter, football, basketball, and track/field athlete. With the goal of continuing those sports in college, I reached 250 lbs before graduation.

When I arrived in Bloomington to attend Indiana University things quickly changed. I fell in love with endurance athletics, dropped 70 lbs, and raced in The Little Five Hundred for the Cutters (of “Breaking Away” fame). After receiving a B.S. in Exercise Science from Indiana University, I moved to Colorado Springs to work with the best coaches in the business at CTS.

Now as a Senior Coach, I enjoy working with a variety of athletes as my diverse experiences helps me to connect with and understand my athletes.


Colorado Springs, CO

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USA Cycling Level 2 Coach