Sarah Scozzaro CTS ultrarunning coach running in mountains

Sarah Scozzaro

CTS Pro Coach – Specializes in Ultrarunning


My goal with all of my clients is to build smart, effective training plans while being both a resource and cheerleader as I partner with them to aim higher and accomplish big things – whether that means a PR, conquering a new distance, rekindling the love of running or coming back from injury. The “why” of running is so very personal for each of us, and I feel when we combine that “why” with a quality, personalized training plan, amazing things can happen! Let’s maximize your performance and minimize injuries, frustration and take the guesswork out of your training.”


Coach Bio:

Originally from Northern California, I started running at a very young age and fell in love immediately with both the competitive aspect and the joy of seeing where my legs could take me. After an injury in 2002 that kept me from running for eight years, I came back in 2010 with a hunger for running that hasn’t waned to this day. I ran my first ultra in 2012, returning to the mountains where I fell in love with running from the start, and have since completed several 100 mile,100k and 50 mile events. I acquired my M.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention as well as certifications in personal training and Restorative Exercise, to better serve my athletes and their needs keeping them running strong and healthy.

A military spouse, I have enjoyed living and running all over the world and working with athletes of all levels and experience, including an opportunity to serve as a consultant with an NFL team for four seasons on restorative work, injury prevention and performance enhancement. 


Some of the races/events I have participated in:
  • Rio Del Lago 100
  • Leadville 100
  • Kettle Moraine 100k
  • Never Summer 100k
  • Lost Souls 100k
  • JFK 50
  • Antelope Canyon 50 miler
  • Woodstock 50 miler 
  • Bighorn Mountain 32 miler
  • Moab Red Hot 55k
  • Boston
  • Indiana 100
  • Kettle Moraine 100
  • Western States


Some of the races/events I have coached athletes for:
  • Leadville 100
  • Yeti 100
  • Mohican 100
  • Burning River 100
  • Coastal Challenge Costa Rica
  • Rio Del Lago 100
  • Chuckanut 50k
  • Antelope 50 miler
  • Antelope Canyon 55k
  • Lean Horse 50k
  • Western States
  • Vol State
  • Lavaredo 120k
  • UTMB – CCC
  • UTMB
  • Canyons 100k
  • Ultra Trail Harricana 125k
  • High Lonesome
  • Grindstone
  • Run Rabbit Run 100
  • Silver Rush 50
  • Pikes Peak 50k
  • Rim to River 100
  • Boston
  • Keys 100
  • Miwok 100k
  • Siskiyou Out and Back 50k and 100k
  • San Diego 100
  • Javelina 100
  • Never Summer 60k and 100k


Coaching Packages:
  • Premium
  • Select
  • Ultimate