Cliff Pittman ultrarunning

Cliff Pittman

CTS Senior Coach – Specializes In Ultrarunning Coaching


I believe that equipping and empowering people to learn how to solve their own problems, and therefore build confidence in themselves, is the key to success. This certainly holds true for athletes training for ultra distances. Every athlete I have had the privilege to work with is unique, powerful, and has far more potential than they realize. My mission is to help them tap into that source of power and potential, by bringing a scientific approach to training architecture and design, and through a strong coach/athlete relationship that accounts for every aspect of an athlete’s responsibilities in life.”


Coach Bio:

I started running competitively at an early age, eventually on the national level and quickly found a passion for the process of improving performance. This passion continued beyond my track and field background and carried over into my military career, where I trained soldiers and units, for improved fitness. After a decade of military service, I continued coaching in various capacities that included running, military special operations, and even life coaching. This became my full-time practice by 2019. I then shifted my primary focus to ultra-endurance performance, from beginner to elite athletes. I love working with anyone who desires to become the best version of themselves, however, they define it, by utilizing sound scientific training principles, nutrition, strength training, and strong athlete/coach relationships. I live in the beautiful Ozark Highlands with my wife and four kids. We love being outdoors and supporting our local run community.


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In:
  • Arkansas Traveller 100
  • Arkansas Backyard Ultra Championship
  • Ouachita Trail 50 Mile
  • Athens Big Fork Trail Marathon
  • Full Moon 50M/50K
  • War Eagle 50K
  • White Rock 50K
Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Coached Athletes For:
  • Western States 100
  • Leadville 100
  • Big Bear 100
  • Moab 240
  • Big Foot 200
  • Javelina 100
  • Cocodona 250
  • JFK 50
  • UTMB Puerto Vallarta 100K
  • Tushars Mountain 100K
  • Squamish 50M/50K
  • FKT across Iowa
  • Arkansas Traveller 100
  • Rocky Racoon 100
  • Oregon Cascades 100
  • Mid-State Mile (Last Man Standing)
  • Hitchcock Experience 100
  • LOViT 100
  • IMTUF 100
  • Outlaw 100
  • Silver Rush 50
  • Sheep Mountain Endurance Run 50
  • Tunnel Hill 100
  • Hell Creek 100
  • Ozark Trail 100
  • KUS 24 Hour (Course Record)
  • Arkansas Backyard Ultra Championship
  • 3 Days of Syllamo
  • Yeti Dam 50
  • Seven Trails Fest 100
  • The Mighty Mosquito 99
  • Yeti 11 Hour
  • Twisted Branch Trail Run 100K
  • Marine Corps Marathon
  • Boston Marathon
  • New York City Marathon
  • Chicago Marathon
  • Indianapolis Marathon
  • Houston Marathon



Fayetteville, AR

Coaching Packages:
  • Premium
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UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Certification, UESCA Sports Nutrition Certification, PNOE Metabolic Analysis Certification, Revo2lution Running Trainer Certification