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Cliff Pittman

CTS Expert Coach – Specializes  In Ultrarunning Coaching


I believe that equipping and empowering people to learn how to solve their own problems, and therefore build confidence in themselves, is the key to success. This certainly holds true for athletes training for ultra distances. Every athlete I have had the privilege to work with is unique, powerful, and has far more potential than they realize. My mission is to help them tap into that source of power and potential, by bringing a scientific approach to training architecture and design, and through a strong coach/athlete relationship that accounts for every aspect of an athlete’s responsibilities in life.”


Coach Bio:

I began pursuing my passion for endurance sports at the age of 11 when my parents signed me up for a community track club. I competed on a national level in both track and cross country through high school, but opted to enlist in the military shortly after 9/11, and delayed college until later in life. After a decade in the military, I transitioned into a corporate career, but continued to train several military athletes preparing for special operations. I continued my passion for endurance sports by training for triathlons and marathons. In 2017, I launched a Life Coaching Practice that enabled me to leave my corporate career. But as I made efforts to grow that business, more and more athletes were seeking my help with their running goals and events. I understood this as a sign to align my purpose and efforts with what I’m really passionate about – coaching athletes. In 2019, I transitioned to full-time run coaching with a specialty in helping ultra/trail athletes. My life as a full-time coach is completely integrated with my responsibilities as a husband, father to four children, and local community leader. The majority of our time is spent racing, supporting athletes at races, and camping/hiking wherever we find ourselves doing the aforementioned. 


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In:
  • Arkansas Traveller 100
  • Ouachita Trail 50
  • Full Moon 50K
  • Dallas Marathon
Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Coached Athletes For:
  • BigFoot 200
  • FKT Across Iowa
  • KUS 24 Hour (course record)
  • Midstate Mile (Last Man Standing)
  • Arkansas Traveller 100
  • Arkansas Backyard Ultra Championship
  • LOViT 100
  • Outlaw 100
  • Silver Rush 50
  • Sheep Mountain Endurance Run 50
  • Tunnel Hill 100
  • Yeti Dam 50
  • Seven Trails Fest 100
  • Hitchcock Experience 100
  • Pumpkin Holler 100
  • Twisted Branch Trail Run 100K
  • Boston Marathon
  • Marine Corps Marathon
  • Chicago Marathon



Fayetteville, AR

Coaching Packages:
  • Premium
  • Select

UESCA Ultrarunning Certification, PNOE Metabolic Analysis Certification