Maddison Russell

I first began my foray into endurance sports as a freshman in high school. While it took time for my undulating passion for them to blossom, it took full force as I began to improve. I ran cross country and track throughout high school, as well as my first three years at college. I attended Indiana University, where I competed through my junior year as a member of the Run Club, and was lucky enough to be part of a national championship winning team. Going into college, I was dead set on becoming a coach in some capacity, which led to me graduating with a degree in Exercise Science, as well as minors in Coaching and Psychology. Due to a nasty string of injuries from running, I switched gears during my senior year of college and picked up a bike. My love for cycling grew over my senior and fifth year of college, where I competed as a member of a cycling team training for the Little 500. When not consumed by training, I enjoy writing, reading, and classical music.


Colorado Springs, CO

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B.S. Exercise Science