Jason Koop ultrarunning coach

Jason Koop

CTS Head Ultrarunning Coach – Specializes In Ultramarathon Coaching


“Good coaching lies at the intersection of efficacious training practices and meeting the individual needs of the athlete.”


Coach Bio:

Jason Koop is the Head Coach for CTS-Ultrarunning.  He is the author of ‘Training Essentials for Ultrarunning’ which has become the benchmark book for ultramarathon training. During his coaching career, he has managed over 100 endurance coaches and several hundred athletes of all types, abilities and sports. He is coach to many of today’s top ultramarathon athletes who have produced results including wins at the Western States 100, Lake Sonoma 50, Pikes Peak Marathon and Ultrarunner of the Year. He is also an accomplished ultrarunner in his own right having finishes in some of the most difficult races on the planet including the Badwater 135, Hardrock 100, Leadville Trail 100, Tor des Géants, Wasatch 100, Bear 100 and Western States 100.


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In Or Coached Athletes For:

  •  Badwater 135
  • Hardrock 100
  • Leadville Trail 100
  • Tor des Géants
  • Wasatch 100
  • Bear 100
  • Western States 100
  • Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc
  • Lake Sonoma 50
  • Tahoe 200
  • Moab 240
  • Bigfoot 200
  • Comrades
  • Pikes Peak Marathon
  • and basically any other ultramarathon you can think of.



Colorado Springs, CO

Coaching Packages:
  • Platinum
  • Ultimate

BS, Biochemistry and Genetics, Texas A&M University 2002