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Addison Smith

CTS Expert Coach

In running and in life there are two things that you can always control: your attitude and your effort. If we as a coach-athlete team can give our best attitude and effort towards the daily tasks at hand, good things will happen!”

Coach Bio:

Coaches have played major roles in my life; prodding me to understand my “why” when chasing after goals, helping me push past the physical and mental limits I thought I had, and educating me on lifestyle habits that breed success in and outside of the context of sport.

With a love for sport and a love to help others realize their potential, I knew that one day I too would have the opportunity to coach others. This journey to being a CTS Coach started with degrees in Exercise Science and Movement Science to build foundational knowledge of how the body works and can be optimized for human performance as well as participation in a variety of team sports and individual running pursuits that grew my passion for running, exploring, and competition. Today I’m excited to give back to the sporting community as an ultrarunning coach!

Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In:

  • Hi1 Sky Marathon (Korea)
  • Seoul Trail Section 8 FKT
  • GoPro Mountain Games 10k
  • White Pine Trail FKT
  • NCAA Division 3 Cross Country Nationals
  • Broken Arrow 26k
  • Quebec Mega Trail 50k
  • Pikes Peak Ascent
  • Flagstaff Skypeaks 26k
  • Golden Trail Series Final

Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Coached Athletes For:

  • Sinks Canyon 50k
  • Hi1 Trail Marathon (Korea)
  • Silverton Alpine 8 miler
  • UTCAM 75k
  • Marrana Sky Race (23k)
  • Nice By UTMB (59km)
  • Colorado State Cross Country Championships
  • Dead Horse 50k
  • Three Sisters Skyline 50k
  • Devil on the Divide 22k
  • Craze 100k (Singapore)
  • Wild Boar 70k (Singapore)
  • Death Valley Trail Marathon
  • Doi Inthanon (Thailand by UTMB) 100 mile
  • Dopey Challenge (Disney Races)
  • Calico 50k

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Coaching Packages:
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University of Michigan Master of Science in Movement Science, Calvin University Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology – Exercise Science, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer