Jim Lehman

My passion for performance and coaching evolved out of competitive background.  I grew up playing soccer and played while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Villanova University.  Building on that experience, I completed a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Northern Arizona University.  The combined experience of those degrees lead me to a position at USA Cycling, where I served as the resident coach.  In the pursuit of coaching excellence, I joined CTS in 2000.  From 2002-2008, I had the good fortune of working as the Assistant National Team Coach for the US Paralympic Cycling team.

I believe a successful athlete is one who is able to commit to his/her sport, while striking a balance with other key aspects of life: family, work and friends. The ability to manage those demands makes one a better athlete and a better person.  As a coach, helping someone achieve that balance is a top priority for me.

During my years as a coach, I have worked with a wide array of athletes in a variety of sports: mountain biking, road cycling, cyclo-cross, track cycling, Para-cycling, ice hockey, NASCAR, Motocross and Superbike.


Colorado Springs, CO

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USA Cycling Level 1 Coach