Nicole Rasmussen

Nicole Rasmussen

CTS Expert Coach – Specializes In Ultrarunning

“I make every effort to bring out the best in each athlete by relying on evidence-based practices, experience-driven instincts, and genuine holistic concern for the athlete as a whole individual. 

Whether the goal is road, trail or ultra-running, my strengths lie in identifying an event’s metabolic, musculoskeletal, & psychological demands, understanding my athlete’s unique life demands and performance gaps, then drafting a plan to achieve the goal as well as provide balance with the rest of their lives. We then communicate, adjust, and adapt so the athlete may pursue their biggest ambitions.” 


Coach Bio:

Athletics has been a lifelong passion for me. Through high school in Arizona, I trained as a volleyball, basketball, and track/field athlete. I competed for the Brigham Young University Track and Field team as a sprinter/hurdler. My interest in Human Performance science led me to pursue a B.S. in Fitness and Wellness and then an M.S in Exercise Physiology. 

When my collegiate career ended I discovered endurance sports as a way to fill the competitive void. I eventually found ultrarunning as the perfect activity to blend my love of fitness with my love of adventure. I have experienced firsthand the life-changing influence that human-powered movement, healthy habits, community, and inspiration found within this sport can have. Helping others to find performance longevity and sustainable habits in their sport of choice keeps me motivated to approach my career from the perspective of a student and scientist as well as a coach. I have in-depth experience across a variety of disciplines including personal training, collegiate strength and conditioning, track & field, and endurance running coach. 

When I am not coaching or mountain running I enjoy daily yoga practice with my hubby and cultivating an active lifestyle for my three kiddos.  


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In Or Coached Athletes For:
  • Bear 100
  • Wasatch 100
  • White Pine 50
  • DC Peaks 50
  • Standhope 60k
  • Logan Peak Ultra
  • Grand Canyon R2R2R
  • Bryce Canyon Traverse
  • Zion Traverse
  • St George Marathon
  • Huntsville Marathon
  • Utah Valley Marathon 

Cache Valley, Utah

Coaching Packages:
  • Premium
  • Select

M.S. in Exercise Physiology, B.S. in Fitness and Wellness, UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Certification, ACE Personal Trainer Certification