Rad Hallman

CTS Expert Coach – Specializes In Triathlon Coaching


“As a coach, I believe that endurance sports should be primarily fun. Athletes have enough stress in their lives. The sport they compete in should be the answer to that stress. Balance, communication, and achievement are what I strive for in a coach/athlete relationship.”


Coach Bio:

After years of running as cross-training for other sports, I got hooked on triathlon back in the last century (1999). From there, swim, bike and run became my social life for more than a decade. I started coaching because I wanted to give back to the sports that had provided me with big fun, great friends, sights, sounds, and pain that I would’ve never found anywhere else. I’ve competed in, and coached athletes for, nearly every multisport distance including Ironman, Xterra and Duathlon, highlighted by a trip to World Championships in Duathlon in 2002. Along with multisport events, I’ve run over fifteen marathons, raced bikes on and off road, and occasionally hopped in on a Masters swim meet or two. As a coach since 2005, I’ve seen every type of athlete compete and succeed in the same sports that I’ve enjoyed for so long.


Athletes I’ve coached have recently competed and excelled in:
  • 70.3 World Championships
  • Ironmans on several different continents
  • ITU Triathlon and Duathlon World Championships
  • Cyclocross Nationals and Worlds



Los Angeles, CA

Coaching Packages:
  • Premium
  • Select

USAT Level 1