Fiona Lockhart coach bio photo

Fiona Lockhart

CTS Pro Coach Specializing In Cycling Coaching


“Hard work = more fun.  The fitter you are, the more fun you will have on the bike.  The more fun you have on the bike, the more you’ll do it and the fitter you’ll become.”


Coach Bio:
I am a retired elite mountain bike racer with many years of experience in riding and racing both standard distance and ultra-endurance mountain bike events.  I love singletrack and technical riding, but I ride it all:  gravel, road, touring.  I also enjoy cross-country skiing, snowboarding, swimming, and trail running.  I have lots of experience with strength, flexibility, and balance training.  I have been coaching for over 20 years, and I still love it because the ability of the human body to get stronger and more skilled at any age and any level continues to amaze and delight me.


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In Or Coached Athletes For:
  • Leadville 100
  • Breck Stage Race
  • USA Mountain Bike Nationals (Junior, Standard, Masters)
  • SA Road Nationals (Junior, Collegiate, Standard, Masters)
  • Ironman
  • Multi-day touring events.