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Adam Ferdinandson

CTS Expert Level Coach – Specializes In Ultrarunning Coaching


“I help all of my athletes fall in love with the process of day-to-day training to improve consistency, reduce stress, and maximize performance. I believe training is not an isolated element in your life and it demands to be balanced with all other obligations and stressors to truly reach your potential.”


Coach Bio:
I found running at 12 years old in Redding, California where I became fascinated with traveling as far on my feet as possible while falling in love with baking in the sun on the trail and returning home exhausted. Throughout high school I participated in cross country and track, always choosing the longest distances possible. In my adult life, after a two-year hiatus from running, I returned with vigor and passion to the sport that had been missing from my life. I quickly found ultrarunning and knew it was what I had been looking for. Today I train with the same passion I had as a 12-year-old kid, feeling amazed I had just ran 5 miles and wondering how much further I could go.


My professional life began in land surveying where I learned how to carefully evaluate data and communicate effectively. I started coaching runners and ultrarunners in 2021 and found it to be a rewarding process as I was emotionally invested in my athletes’ successes and setbacks. I joined CTS to put all of my time and effort towards coaching and providing my athletes with the best guidance possible. I have an endless curiosity for figuring out what training works best and why. I am dedicated to the art of applying that knowledge to real-world athletes living busy lives.


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In:
  • Bighorn 100 Mile
  • Ouray 50 Mile
  • Solo ultra adventures (50 miles and 100k)
  • Mogollon Monster 100
  • Bishop High Sierra 100k
  • Salt Flats Endurance Runs 100
  • Never Summer 60k
  • Quad Dipsea
  • Blue Sky Trail Marathon
Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Coached Athletes For:
  • Canyons 100 Mile
  • Kodiak 100 Mile
  • Oregon Cascades 100 Mile
  • Taupo 100km
  • Ring the Springs 100km
  • “Backyard” Format Ultras
  • Georgia Jewel 100 Mile
  • Cruel Jewel 50 Mile
  • Salt Flats Endurance Runs 50 Mile
  • Thames Path Challenge 100k

Fort Collins, Colorado

Coaching Packages:
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UESCA Ultrarunning Coach