• YES!!!!! I MUST continue to have Tracey Drews as my Coach!!!! PLEASE!!!!! ? …. I would be bereft without her!!!!!!! She totally ROCKS!!!!! I NEED her!!!!!

    As I’ve already told you…. I am thrilled with everyone I have dealt with at CTS…. Every single person totally professional, friendly, approachable, knowledgeable… and Tracey Drews is at the top of the list… she is beyond amazing!!! … she pushes me… makes me REST (which I HATE!!… she makes me laugh… she does her best to keep things in perspective for me (I am a bit of an obsessive compulsive type… hahaha!!)… she is EXACTLY what I need in a Coach!! CTS is very fortunate to have her!!!... almost as fortunate as I am!!! I can’t imagine ever not being a CTS athlete…. Just too happy for words!!!!!
    – Karen S.

Tracey Drews

CTS Premier Coach – Specializes In Cycling Coaching


The joy of coaching was instilled in me early in life by participating in team sports.  I came to appreciate each team coach looking at the individual player’s strengths and weaknesses and creating a common sense of purpose and commitment to create a winning combination.  Today, I look to do the same with each of my athletes. I consider us a team in developing a training plan that has them ride/race ready. I enjoy working with all ages of athletes, however I revere the “mature athlete” because I don’t want us to “grow old simply because we stopped playing”.


What I love about coaching is . . . .

-the athlete text on the weekend saying they got on the podium or that they didn’t

-learning about a new event and organizing the athlete’s training plan specifically for it

-sharing joy with the athlete in completing a challenging training block or “nailing” one tough interval series

-tracking athletes’ progress/lack of progress with all the evaluative tools available

-acknowledging the “agony” of defeat, analyzing what went wrong and adjusting the plan to correct it

-getting creative with the training plan for each individual’s specific goals

-sharing in concern and disappointment when athlete is injured or receives bad news about health

-organizing a recovery or rehabilitation training plan for an injured athlete

-introducing and connecting CTS athletes with one another for race/ride events

-guiding athletes in equipment choices, healthier nutrition and recovery practices

-getting to know each athlete as an individual and what motivates and drives them to compete

-developing a training plan that inspires and empowers the athlete in EVERY body

. . . and that’s what I LOVE about coaching.”


Coach Bio:

I was active in team/individual sports throughout high school and college and ultimately shed over 50 pounds after undergraduate school from Va Tech. This led me to obtain a graduate degree in exercise science from Old Dominion University to better understand human performance, physiology and nutrition as it relates to quality of life.  Through coaching, I find I can share my passion for maintaining a high standard of healthy living with others. So many of the endurance sports are lifetime activities that reduce the risk of illness and facilitate grace in aging.  I want to help others discover and experience these opportunities.


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In Or Coached Athletes For:
  • State and National Senior Games Time trial and Road Race events (participated & coached)
  • Huntsman Games (coached)
  • Ride Across the US-Trek Travel/Crossroads Tour groups (coached)
  • National Cyclocross Elites (coached)
  • National Masters Road, Time trial, & Team Time trial (participated & coached)
  • Trek Travel European camp tours (participated)
  • Masters Duathlon, Triathlon (coached)
  • Regional Mountain Bike races (participated)
  • Gran Fondos- Hincapie, Asheville, Figueroa (participated & coached)
  • Epic rides/climbs: Alp D’Huez, Cols D’Izoard, Galibier, Telegraphe, Croix de Fer; Mallorca’s famed Sa Colabra (participated & coached)
  • Garmin Unbound-200/100k events (coached)
  • Natchez Trace-6 day Tour (participated/coached)
  • Katy Trail Self-Supported Gravel Tour 5-day (participated)

Asheville, NC

Coaching Packages:
  • Premium
  • Ultimate

USA Cycling Level 2 Coach