Anne Tisdell CTS Ultrarunning Coach

Anne Tisdell

CTS Expert Coach – Specializes In Ultrarunning


“I believe that everyone possesses a powerful inner force. That force becomes even more powerful when you get inspired by a big (often scary) goal. When I work with an athlete, they are the driving force and I am their guide, leading them with expertise, passion, and compassion as they relentlessly pursue their dreams.”


Coach Bio:

In my early professional career I worked in corporate operations and human resources at a healthcare consulting firm in Washington, D.C. After nearly a decade, I left the corporate world to pursue my passion – working in the health, fitness, and wellness industry. In the years to come, my business grew to include yoga, personal training, and sport-specific training, with a special focus on aging athletes. As my training business developed, my husband and I also discovered ultra-endurance events. I instantly fell in love with the adventure, the community, and the endless opportunities to push the boundaries of human potential.

Coaching ultrarunners is my dream job, combining my corporate skills, coaching experience, health and wellness expertise, and my love for over-the-top adventures in the great outdoors. Ultrarunning is a magical thing, capable of transforming your body, your mind, and your life. I love coaching because I can be part of that journey for people, helping them reach new levels – both mentally and physically – that they may never have believed to be possible.


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In:

  • Tahoe 200
  • Ouray 100
  • Keys 100
  • Bryce Canyon 100
  • Self-Supported 100-Miler on the Appalachian Trail

Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Coached Athletes For:

  • Tahoe 200
  • Ouray 100
  • Wyoming Range 100
  • San Diego 100
  • Blackbeard’s Revenge 100
  • Supported 100-Miler on the Appalachian Trail

New River Gorge, West Virginia

Coaching Packages:
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UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach; ACE Certified Personal Trainer; ACE Certified Sports Performance Specialist; ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor; 200-Hour Yoga Instructor