Nick Thiery

Ever since I have been able to ride a bike, cycling has been a defining aspect of my life. When I wasn’t wrenching on bikes at the local shop, I spent my time riding and racing bikes in northern Indiana. My cycling career continued through college as I trained and raced for the Cutters Little 500 team. As a rider and then later a coach on the team, I was able to gain four years of experience using a power meter to construct a data based training program that was tailored specifically to each riders needs. Moving to Colorado as a coach with CTS has allowed me to continue my progression as both a coach and as an athlete.

One of my coaches once told me that “coaching is not something you do to someone, it is something that you do with them.” For me, this captures the essence of the coach-athlete relationship. My background in science gives me a firm grasp on the nuts and bolts of a training program, but in my experience, the better I get to know you as a person, the better I can work with you to design a training plan that will maximize your potential as an athlete.  


Colorado Springs, CO

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B.S. Exercise Science