Miles Juneau Coach

Miles Juneau

CTS Expert Coach


“My coaching philosophy is goal-oriented, with an emphasis on enjoying the process. Achieving a goal or winning a race is exciting, but enjoying the process is where success is born. I pride myself in keeping training fun, yet challenging enough to continuously stimulate adaptations.”


Coach Bio:

My passion for performance and coaching evolved from a background in competitive sports. I grew up playing every sport imaginable in high school and throughout college. My desire to compete and the fascination with the curiously elastic limits of human performance always had me eager to redefine my own limits.

After enduring injuries and setbacks, I decided to pursue a degree in physical therapy. During my time as a PTA, I realized how rewarding it is to help others reach their goals. I became USA Cycling Certified as a coach to fuel my passion for guiding others to excellence, to share the knowledge I’ve acquired, and help athletes redefine what’s possible. I moved to Colorado in 2018 to pursue my career as an elite mountain bike racer. I’m so lucky to have found my passion, but that’s just the first step. Using it to lead, educate, and inspire others is the real victory.


Some of The Races/Events I’ve Participated in or Coached Athletes for:
  • Marathon MTB Nationals
  • Masters Road Bike Nationals
  • XC MTB Nationals
  • Epic Rides Series Races
  • ProXCT MTB Races
  • Leadville 100
  • Masters MTB Nationals

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Coaching Packages:
  • Premium
  • Select

Associates of Science Degree in Physical Therapy, USAC Coaching License