Jonah Sanchez CTS Cycling Coach

Jonah Sanchez

CTS Expert Level Coach – Specializes In Cycling Coaching

“I think the most crucial part of coaching is meeting the athlete where they are and growing with them. If your coach understands you, your daily life, your goals, and your motivations. When you attack your target I firmly believe there is not much you can’t achieve. At the end of the day, I find no greater joy in helping someone achieve their goals through work, sweat, and bigger gears.”


Coach Bio:

I am a graduate of Milligan University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Coaching. I spent my time racing in my junior years and in college experiencing a wide span of disciplines across the United States. As an amateur pro, I have competed in many of the highest-level events the U.S. has to offer.

My love for the coaching profession came from years of exposure to incredible mentors in my own racing career. In coaching, I love the fact that no athlete, workout, or race, is ever the same. I believe that the purpose of a coach is to help athletes navigate the routes to achieving goals and overcoming hardships to eventually become the best versions of themselves while balancing the potential difficulties of life.


Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In: 
  • MTB/Cyclocross/Road National Championships (Junior ‘15 -’16 / Amateur ‘19 / Collegiate ‘18 -‘22)
  • California State Championships
  • Tour of Southern Highlands
  • San Dimas Stage Race
  • Sea Otter Classic
  • Athens Twilight
  • Missoula XCT
  • Tulsa Tough
Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Coached Athletes For:
  • National Championships
  • California State Championships
  • SoCal High School League
  • Utah High School League
  • Soldier Hollow XCT
  • Missoula XCT



Bonsall, California

Coaching Packages:
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Milligan University B.S. in Exercise Science