Jackson Brill ultrarunning coach

Jackson Brill

CTS Expert Coach – Specializes In Ultrarunning Coaching

“I want to help athletes reach their goals and enjoy themselves while doing it.  To do this, I blend what I know about ultrarunning and exercise science to each athlete’s specific situation.  I am deeply invested in my athletes’ success, and love playing a part in helping others reach their potential.”


Coach Bio: 

Originally from Boise, ID, I moved to Boulder, CO for college and immediately fell in love with ultrarunning upon my arrival.  I graduated with my BA in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado-Boulder, where I am now pursuing my MS (which I will finish in May 2021).  I work in CU-Boulder’s Locomotion Lab, specifically researching when to walk vs. run on uphills, and have helped publish multiple scientific papers on the topic.  My academic and research background certainly informs my coaching practice, but I believe that there is a lot more to athletic success that cannot be found in a textbook.

On a personal level, exploring the mountains is one of my favorite pastimes, and running is usually the mode I choose.  However, I also enjoy skiing (both alpine and backcountry), bicycling, backpacking, and rock climbing, occasionally incorporating these activities into my training.  Competitively, I have had particular success in “skyrunning” style events, such as winning the Rut 50k in 2018.


Races I have coached athletes for:
  • Never Summer
  • Quadrock
  • The Bear
  • Devil on the Divide
  • Behind the Rocks
Races I’ve participated in:
  • Broken Arrow
  • Power of Four
  • Dirty 30
  • San Juan Solstice
  • Pikes Peak Marathon
  • The Rut
  • Moab Red Hot
  • Zegama
  • Marathon Mont Blanc
  • Sierre-Zinal

Boulder, CO

Coaching Packages:
  • Premium
  • Select

B.A. Integrative Physiology - University of Colorado-Boulder