Duncan Callahan ultrarunning coach

Duncan Callahan

CTS Coach – Specializes In Ultrarunning Coaching

“One of the most significant things I’ve learned over the years is that working with each athlete on a TRULY individual basis is so important. I strive to listen as much as possible, tweak training as needed, and support the needs of each athlete to the best of my ability. The result? Significant success for the athlete and deep fulfillment for me.”

Coach Bio

Endurance events bring out the best in us, and I am completely convinced in the power of setting a goal, working toward that goal and eventually achieving it. That is why I compete and that is why I coach. It is my aim to help others with striving for their best, whatever that is for them. As a coach, I will be right there with you along the way to help with the vision and the details. Your success is deeply important to me and it is my mission to help you reach your full potential.

I started coaching the sport of XC skiing in 2005 and fell in love with the process of helping others reach their goals. I have continued to coach in the realm of XC skiing since then, and have also been drawn to help others in the sport of ultra-running. I have been working with adult athletes in the sport of ultra-running since 2009 and consider myself fortunate to have worked with dozens and dozens of athletes – from beginners and first-timers to champion level competitors. Throughout this whole time, I have been continually impressed with the passion that resides on the trails, and I look forward to working with passionate people of all speeds and backgrounds.

In addition to coaching, my ultra-running career has provided a significant amount of experience to help others; as I have completed over 50 ultramarathons, including two wins at the Leadville 100, and 14 other 100-mile finishes as well. Between being on the trail myself and coaching others, I love this sport and community and I look forward to working with you. Here’s to achieving your biggest goals…

Some Of The Races/Events I’ve Participated In Or Coached
  • Leadville 100 (7x finisher) (2x champion)
  • Run Rabbit Run 100
  • Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji 100
  • San Juan Solstice 50
  • Moab 100
  • Rocky Raccoon 50
  • Leadville Silver Rush 50

Gunnison, Colorado

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