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Coach Levels

There are four levels of CTS Coaches: Expert, Senior, Pro, and Premier. Coaches start out at Expert and progress based on additional education, experience, athlete results, and other relevant expertise. Our Premier coaches are sought by the world’s best individual athletes, sports teams, and even the US Military.

Coach-Athlete Ratios

Over 15 years we’ve learned there’s a sweet spot for coach-athlete ratios. The best way to be a great coach is to do a lot of coaching, but it’s also important to give coaches enough time to provide great one-on-one service. We’ve achieved both, which is why more than 80% of CTS Athletes say they’d recommend CTS to their friends.

Coaching College

CTS established the industry’s first independent in-house coaching education program. Degrees and NGB certifications are prerequisites to just get in the door. From there we teach your coach how to coach, not just analyze data and write training plans.

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