David Priest

About Me

I found endurance sports following many years playing football in high school and college.  I competed in collegiate triathlon during veterinary school while developing a passion for cycling and exercise physiology.  My veterinary education provided a strong background in exercise physiology that I further developed with research in performance horses.  Following veterinary school I moved to the Santa Ynez Valley in California to practice veterinary medicine and pursue road racing.  I spent 4 years training and racing with a power meter while translating my equine exercise physiology education into cycling training knowledge.  I am also a professional bike mechanic and complete bike geek.  My ideal day is a good ride in the mountains, followed by a good meal and an afternoon spent fixing bikes for other cyclists.


I believe that the cornerstone of a successful athlete-coach relationship is in a open line of communication.  This allows me to tailor your training plan to meet your needs as well as provide the necessary feedback to keep you on track to meet your goals.  The second component of training that I focus on is ensuring that the scientific methodology and data analysis used to create and adapt your training program is the most up to date and validated approach available.  I see it as my responsibility to handle the science behind your training, so you can focus on becoming the athlete you aspire to be.


Cycling and triathlon.  I am most active as a cyclist now, both as a Category 1 road racer and mountain biker in the road off season.  I specialize in personalized coaching, private training camps, race strategy and lab testing services.

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Residence: Santa Ynez, CA

Certifications: USAC Level 3

Coaching Level:

  • Expert

Sports Coached:

  • Cyclocross
  • MTB
  • Road Cycling
  • Triathlon

Coaching Packages:

  • Premium
  • Select
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