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Starting with my experience of climbing the Cascade Volcanoes with my Dad in my High School years, my attraction to the mountains and the unique challenges they provide birthed and continued to evolve throughout the years.  After a short stint doing some road cycling racing (including a few stage races) and triathlon, I started to get more into running.  As soon as I realized that I could do these long drawn out alpine outings from my high school days in a few hours time running, the rest was history.  I dove in head first into the world of ultrarunning in 2010 and haven’t stopped since.  I’ve always been attracted to tough races but also like variety.  I’ve run in a wide range of events from your traditional road distances, normal trail running events, skyrunning events (Speedgoat 50k, Pike’s Peak Marathon, Rut 50k), and longer ultras up to 100 miles (Bighorn 100). I also have some experience in challenging environmental conditions like I encountered during a 45-mile winter race in Alaska.  Along with my three kids and wonderful wife, we are always looking for adventure both in the daily tasks as well as in the mountains.


I aim to provide holistic coaching for the runner who wants to push the edge of their experiences all the while retaining balance in their everyday life.  With three young kids between the ages of 6-8 and a day job managing a small business in addition to coaching, I acutely understand the need for balance and believe that most athletes find themselves in similar situations in their day-to-day.  Most of us don’t have the luxury to train all day!  Working together, we can find the right approach to training for your schedule and goals, all while applying the latest science-based approach to maximize gains from the time you do have to train.


I provide personalized coaching with a specialization in trail running, mountain/skyrunning, and ultrarunning.  This includes honing in all the demands those disciplines place on each athlete; everything from heat, altitude, nutrition, gear, shoes, pacing, as well as the psychological demands placed on you as the athlete.  Coaching is a relationship, not a product. You, as a whole person/athlete, are the focus!

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Residence: Baker City, Oregon


Coaching Level:

  • Expert

Sports Coached:

  • Running
  • Ultrarunning

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