Waldo Canyon Fire Impact on CTS – Latest Information

(As of 10:15AM on June 27, 2012)

CTS Headquarters

Our building is located at 600 South 21st Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. As of Wednesday morning, June 27, our headquarters is not in an evacuation area. We are open for business. If you have any trouble reaching your Colorado Springs-based coach, we ask for your patience, as he or she may be one of the 32,000+ people evacuated from their homes. Our Athlete Services Department is available for athletes and can be reached at 719-635-0645 x1.

Services to Colorado Springs Locals

During this emergency, we know that training is the furthest thing from many people’s mind. However, we welcome cyclists and triathletes to come to our facility at 600 South 21st Street (the Roundhouse building at the corner of Highway 24 and 21st Street) to ride or run indoors at no charge. We have more than 20 Computrainers and two treadmills. You are welcome to bring your own stationary trainer in case we run out of space on the Computrainers. You are welcome to use our shower facilities after your workout as well. The training facility will be open to athletes from 8:00AM-7PM Mon-Fri. Please plan for your workouts to be completed by 7PM. If you have questions, please call us at 719-635-0645.

CTS Staff and Coaches

Our staff and coaches live throughout the city of Colorado Springs, and some have been forced to evacuate their homes. As of Wednesday morning, we do not know of any coaches or staff who have lost their homes in this fire. We do know of some CTS Athletes and certainly many friends of CTS who have been displaced and who have lost their homes.

What you can do to help

We’ve received numerous messages of support from athletes all over the world, and we appreciate both your concern and your desire to help. At this time, the best thing you can do is contribute to organizations that can put your donations to the most effective use. A few of those organizations are listed below:

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  1. I am devastated by the fire and how it is affecting all of you. I feel some helpless here in Missouri do do anything. I have worke with Kirk for several years now and feel like a part of your family. I am sending a donation to careandshare. I pray the fire will be contained soon and that all the displaced people will be back to normal soon.

    Kenneth L Derrington

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