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CTS Announces 2017 Product, Service, Event, and Charitable Partnerships

Including Pinarello, Shimano, Giordana, Kenda, Niner, SDG, and ESI Grips (January 17, Colorado Springs, CO) – CTS, one of the premier coaching and training camp companies in the endurance sports industry, today announced their complete range of 2017 partnerships. These partnerships are indicative of CTS’s continued leadership position within the endurance sports and performance coaching…

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How To Tell If An Indoor Cycling Class Is Any Good

Will a “spin class” at my local gym help me in the winter? This is a perennial question, but it’s also a very good one. Every fitness club has some form of indoor cycling class, and during the dead of winter it’s very tempting to jump in rather than slave away on an indoor trainer all…

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CTS Announces Partnership with Pinarello

4-Year Deal Includes Purchase Incentives for CTS Athletes (January 12, 2017 – Colorado Springs, CO) – CTS, the premier endurance coaching and training camp company, today announced the signing of a 4-year partnership with world-class bicycle manufacturer Pinarello. For the next four years CTS Coaches will ride Pinarello road bikes during all coaching, training camp,…

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Athlete Survival Guide to Cold and Flu Season

  By Jim Rutberg with Noah Collins What were the last 5 objects or surfaces you touched? When was the last time you touched your face or put something in your mouth? How long has it been since you washed your hands? See where we’re going with this? If you’re like a lot of people,…

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Snowstorm Indoor Cycling Training Plan

Make the Most of Two Days Stuck Indoors Out west the Sierras and Rockies got pummeled by snow earlier this week, and this weekend it’s the East Coast’s turn. Across the northern half of the US, and maybe some parts of the south, a lot of cyclists and triathletes are going to be spending the…

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Are You Falling Prey to These Common Weight Loss Myths?

With a few more pounds around our midsections thanks to the holidays, weight loss is a hot topic in January. And while many people start the new year with a “new” shortcut to shed pounds by Spring Break, smart athletes understand that a wise combination of nutrition and exercise will melt away those pounds. But…

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Should Endurance Athletes Go Keto? Ketosis and Ketogenic Diets for Endurance Athletes

  When it comes to weight loss and endurance performance, dietary ketosis is the strategy everyone is asking about this year. On the surface, ketosis or a ketogenic diet offers everything an endurance athlete could dream of: endless energy, freedom from bonking, and an efficient pathway to weight loss. The diet has been all over…

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Chris Carmichael’s List of the “Best of 2016”

  My social media feeds are full of people lamenting how horrible 2016 was, but from where I’m sitting the past twelve months were AWESOME! I am a big believer in taking time to recognize and appreciate goals you have accomplished and feats you have achieved. Some people are too quick to dismiss or gloss…

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How to Boost Your Old Man or Woman Speed

When it comes to pure speed and power, younger athletes usually beat out us older athletes, but that doesn’t mean they always come out on top. Many young cyclists don’t have the experience to put all that power to good use.  I’m going to share with you a few of the lessons I’ve learned over…

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Busting the Myth of Winter Aerobic Base Training

By Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach and co-author of “The Time-Crunched Cyclist” Traditional aerobic base training needs to go the way of the dodo. Long, moderate intensity rides are fun and good to incorporate into training, but even if you’re a pro it is a fool’s errand to devote the winter to low-intensity training in…

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