Chris Carmichael Blog: Speed Counts

This weekend’s email/blog is going to be short and to the point, because the weather here in Colorado Springs is tremendous and I’m going out to take advantage of it! I hope the spring weather has turned beautiful in your area as well. But before I head out, a few tips and an article link: …

Video Training Tip: Consistency is Key

Produced through our partnership with Aquaphor, this is the first of 15 video training tips that will appear on as part of the Aquaphor Le Tour Challenge. Go to to check out the Challenge. Sign up and become eligible to win weekly or grand prizes just for riding your bike!

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Does Sweating More Mean You’re More Fit?

  I’m relatively new to triathlon and to serious training. Over the past several months I’ve been making steady progress, and recently I’ve noticed that I’ve started sweating more. The conditions (temp and humidity) are about the same as they’ve been, but I’m sweating a lot more. Does that mean I’m getting more fit?  – …