Weekend Reading: How to Turn Lame Accelerations into Full-Throttle Attacks! Plus info on Summer CTS Camps

Last week I wrote about “The Key to Being Extraordinary”, and I was really happy to see that over the past week it sparked a lot of great conversations between athletes and their coaches, and between readers and me. Those conversations are what coaching is all about. Yes, sure, power file analysis and custom training schedules are important, but there’s more to coaching than files and schedules. The bigger goal is to teach athletes how to be better at BEING athletes, so they can tap into changes in lifestyle, training, nutrition, tactics, and mindset to improve PERFORMANCE. An athlete is not a math problem; you have to improve more than their data set for them to reach their full potential.

One of the CTS Coaches who really understands this blend of science and guidance is Daniel Matheny. He works in our Colorado Springs facility and definitely embodies #walkitlikewetalkit. He’s out racing nearly every weekend, when he’s not working training camps or leading his top-level athletes on epic trail rides. In the coming months, keep an eye out for some great content from Daniel on the power output demands and training requirements for MTB Enduro racing. But today, be sure to check out his impassioned plea for bike racers to learn how to launch a proper attack!

Here’s an excerpt:

“I have to be honest here, folks. I’ve been out at the early-season races, both as a competitor and as a coach, and I’m seeing a lot of really poor attempts at attacking the peloton. I love the enthusiasm, but that’s about all I’m seeing and enthusiasm doesn’t bring home prize money.

The key is creating separation, which is the only thing that differentiates attacking from taking a hard pull at the front. You have to snap everyone off your back wheel and immediately create a gap big enough to give your pursuers a moment of pause. When you launch, you want them to ask, “Can I match that acceleration?” and “Can I make it across that gap?”. When attacks are weak and indiscernible from pulling through, everyone just latches onto your wheel. But when attacks are sharp and explosive, physically they create space between you and the chasers and psychologically they create indecision. To win you need to exploit both.

Let me show you an example of what a sharp acceleration looks like, at least from a performance standpoint. This is important, because explosive accelerations are something you need to train if you want to execute them in competition.”

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As we get closer to the summer, I also want to remind everyone of the CTS Camp Schedule for the summer. We have some great new programming, including the Hors Categorie Climbing Camp in the Colorado Rockies (July 9-14), during which we’ll climb both of Colorado’s 14,000-foot road climbs: Mount Evans and Pikes Peak! There’s also the Epic Mountain Bike Training Camp in Breckenridge, Colorado (June 27-29), which is perfect preparation for big summer off-road goals like the Breck Epic, Leadville 100, and many others. On the East Coast we have the 6 Gap Century Recon Camp in Dahlonega, GA (Aug 8-10), which includes an entry into this classic and extremely difficult event! And those are in addition to our excellent slate of classic CTS Climbing Camps in Colorado Springs, Brevard, and Santa Ynez.


  • Free Raceweight Weight Loss Program! All you have to do is use our newly-re-launched online signup process to sign up for a CTS Coaching Package by 4/15.
  • Power Meter Payment Plans: Sign up for 12-months of CTS Coaching and purchase an SRM or Powertap, and take advantage of 12-month, no-interest financing.
  • Mt. Mitchell Recon Camp: April 17-19 in Brevard, NC. Tackle some of the most iconic climbs in the Southeast, including those on the course of The Assault on Mt. Mitchell.
  • PR*Bar and Recovery: As Dirty Kanza approaches and we’re putting in bigger and bigger mileage, the coaches and I are relying even more on PR Bars for recovery!

Have a Great Weekend!
Chris Carmichael
CEO/Head Coach
Carmichael Training Systems

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