Press Release: CTS Adds 8 Coaches to Expanding Coaching Staff

(Colorado Springs, December 20, 2022) – CTS, a pioneer in the endurance coaching and camps industry, today announced eight additions to their professional coaching staff. The staff of 65 coaches benefits from an industry-leading continuing education program, ongoing mentoring and evaluation, as well as marketing and business services.

“CTS invests heavily in coach development and recruitment because athletes deserve resources they can trust,” said Jeff Pierce, CEO of CTS. “With our onboarding, education, and quality control programs, athletes can be confident their CTS Coach has the expertise, experience, and professionalism to guide them to superior results.”

All the coaches below are available for new athletes immediately.

Frederic Sabater Pastor CTS Coach mountaineering

Frederic Sabater Pastor

Specialty: Ultrarunning

Frederic has been studying the art and the science behind endurance sports for more than a decade, leading to the completion of a Ph.D. in 2021 on Performance Factors of Ultramarathon Running, focusing on running economy and fatigue. He is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Inter-university Lab of Human Movement. A truly international addition to the CTS Ultrarunning Coaching Staff, Frederic has lived in Spain, England, France, the United States, and Canada. He is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, and English, and his French is good enough that they allow him to teach at French universities.

“I was once described as having a scientist’s mind and a teacher’s heart,” Frederic explains. “Coaching athletes lets me put together my background in exercise physiology with my desire to help people learn, develop and achieve their goals.”

Caroline Mani post gravel race

Caroline Mani

Specialty: Cycling

Caroline earned a silver medal at the UCI Cyclocross World Championships and five French Cyclocross National Championships during her career as a professional cyclocross, road, and mountain bike racer. A longtime CTS Athlete, Caroline is joining the CTS Coaching Staff while still competing at the elite level throughout the United States. Her experience and expertise will be great assets for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. Caroline is available for English and French language athletes.

“My passion is guiding others to find balance and helping them train to achieve peak performance in harmony with their personal and professional goals,” Caroline commented.

Travis Lavin CTS Coach running

Travis Lavin

Specialty: Ultrarunning

Travis got his start in coaching while earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, with a minor in Coaching, from Mckendree University. After running competitively for the university, he made the transition to coaching and helped numerous athletes become All-American and national qualifiers in their respective events. Travis has extensive experience as a coach and competitor in cross-country, marathon, and trail ultramarathon events.

“I believe in creating coach/athlete relationships that develop trust and accountability in both directions,” Travis said. “It’s crucial to learn about an athlete’s life and what makes them tick. From there we can create consistency and success follows.”

Jonah Sanchez CTS Cycling Coach

Jonah Sanchez

Specialty: Cycling

Jonah is an active bike racer and graduate of Milligan University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Coaching. He has raced at the elite amateur level in some of the most competitive road, criterium, time trial, and MTB events in the US and understands the physical, mental, and tactical demands of racing. Jonah is a great asset to cyclists of all experience levels as they prepare for competitive and non-competitive cycling events.

“My purpose as your coach is to help you navigate the routes to achieving goals and overcoming hardships so you eventually grow into the best and most successful version of yourself,” Jonah said.

Anne Tisdell CTS Ultrarunning Coach

Anne Tisdell

Specialty: Ultrarunning

Anne’s life experiences from working a decade-long corporate career and then growing her own small business inform her coaching practices with athletes who are also balancing sporting goals with career and family priorities. In addition to the CTS Coaching Education program, Anne has earned a wide range of certifications, including: UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach; ACE Certified Personal Trainer; ACE Certified Sports Performance Specialist; ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor; and 200-Hour Yoga Instructor.

“Coaching is my dream job, combining my corporate skills, coaching experience, health and wellness expertise, and my love for over-the-top adventures in the great outdoors,” Anne said. “Ultrarunning is a magical thing, capable of transforming your body, your mind, and your life. I love coaching because I can be part of that journey for people.”


Brittany Parffrey

Specialty: Cycling

Brittany is an active professional bike racer who earned her Exercise Physiology degree from the University of Texas – San Antonio. While racing and working in they cycling industry, Brittany became a certified bike fitter and proficient mechanic as well. She races and coaches athletes for road, criterium, mountain bike, cyclocross and gravel events.

“I believe in the big picture approach to coaching which involves communication, as no two athletes are alike, and analytics to ensure training time is spent wisely,” Brittany said.

Adam Ferdinandson CTS Coach photo

Adam Ferdinandson

Specialty: Ultrarunning

Before joining CTS, Adam earned his United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA) Ultrarunning Coaching Certification and dedicated himself to the art of coaching and science of training. He is a data-oriented coach who takes a holistic approach to getting to know his athletes and applying science-backed training methods to guide them to their best results.

“I help athletes fall in love with the process of day-to-day training to improve consistency, reduce stress, and maximize performance,” Adam said. “I believe training is not an isolated element in life and it must be balanced with all other obligations and stressors.”


Kellie Moylan

Specialties: Cycling, Triathlon, Ultrarunning, and Strength Training

Kellie brings extensive coaching and weightlifting experience and expertise to the CTS Coaching Staff. She has been a coach and competitor in mountain biking, cycling, running, and triathlon for more than 20 years. She is a strong advocate for combining strength training and endurance training, and as an athlete she competed at the World Masters Weightlifting Championships.

“Training preparation is both physical and mental. I believe the body is capable of almost anything if we train properly for it and prepare for it,” said Kellie.

About CTS

A pioneering company in the endurance coaching industry CTS has improved the performance of more than 20,000 athletes since 2000. Founded by renowned coach and author Chris Carmichael, and home to more than 50 professional coaches, CTS seeks to change lives and ultimately the world, through the power of movement, healthy habits, knowledge, and inspiration. The company provides personal coaching, training camps, and Endurance Bucket List experiences to athletes of all ability levels. For more information, visit

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  1. Kellie is a fantastic coach! I’ve been with her for four years and grown so much, gotten some really great results. Excited to follow her to CTS!

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