Sonoran Desert Winter Ultrarunning Escape 2024

  • Arizona
  • Feb 15 - 18, 2024
  • Ultrarunning

Join Us for an Unforgettable Winter Running Camp in Arizona!

Embark on an exhilarating journey through some of Arizona's most breathtaking trails and routes at our Winter Running Camp. Running on portions of the race courses of Cocodona 250, Javelina Jundred and Black Canyon Ultras, this camp promises an unforgettable experience for running enthusiasts of all levels.

Discover the diverse terrains and stunning vistas that Arizona has to offer. Traverse through winding canyons, scamper up steep inclines, and experience majestic desert landscapes. 

Receive expert guidance and tips from seasoned ultrarunning coaches who will accompany you throughout the camp. Learn invaluable techniques, strategies, and insights to enhance your running performance and endurance.

Although this camp has a physical standard to be met to provide the best experience, we can promise you this is not a camp for the elites or just for the “fast people”. If you make the trek out, you will be welcomed with open arms and never left all alone, no matter the pace.

Experience the Spirit of Arizona’s Ultra Trails:

  • Cocodona 250: Tackle sections of this epic 250-mile trail, experiencing the challenge and adventure it offers.
  • Javelina Jundred: Explore parts of the Javelina Jundred, known for its energetic atmosphere and stunning desert vistas.
  • Black Canyon Ultras: Follow in the footsteps of legendary ultra-runners along the historic trails of the Black Canyon Ultras.

Long Endurance Miles


4 Days / 3 Nights


12-30 Miles


2000-6000 FT


Rolling Hills

The CTS Camp Experience

Personalized Training Advice From Professional Coaches, Unparalleled Support, World-Class Locations, and Lasting Memories
  • Run With CTS Coaches
  • Skills & Technique Coaching
  • Uphill & Downhill Clinics
  • Nutrition & Hydration Products
  • Training Presentations
  • Post Run Analysis And Feedback From CTS Coaches
  • All Meals
  • 3 Nights Lodging (Optional)
  • CTS Running Swag
  • Coaching From CTS Coaches
  • Sore Quads By The End Of Camp

Additional Details


  • Airfare
  • Transportation To/From Airport


  • Pre/Post Camp Run With Coach

Camp Itinerary


CHECK IN DAY - 2/15/2024

Check In Time: 5:00pm

Where: CTS Field Office

Description: Arrive at the hotel, and get checked in with our coaching staff and enjoy a CTS catered dinner, introductions, and welcome presentation. 

Special note on the routes- Each day, we will break the athletes up into separate groups based on ability level. Each group will be out on the trails for about the same amount of time but will do slight variations of the route.


Opening with the most focused workouts and trail runs of the week, this will be full of fun. Test yourself on Andy Jones Wilkins’ stomping grounds as we run out to a looped area to do a classic TempoRun where we will all be generally grouped together even when running at our own pace. Topics and skills addressed will include pacing/workout execution, ideal route selection, and identifying the correct intensity. 

After this, we will have the opportunity to regroup and analyze your workout data 1-on-1 with coaches to look at what went well, where there is room for improvement and to determine your Functional Threshold Pace.


Javelina Jundred

Come join the party as we run the first loop of the Javelina Jundred. Follow in the footsteps of legendary ultrarunners on one of the two golden ticket race courses we will be touring. Satisfy your curiosity of one of the most popular trail races in the U.S. or do some course recon if you plan to run this party in the desert in the future. 

We will bite off some of the climbs in the surrounding areas. Bring your climbing legs and poles if you need them. A great practice day if you are planning on that event and a solid long run if you are not. The focus will be steady endurance with some specific skill work areas thrown in as the terrain dictates (for example, technical downhills). Post-run, we’ll perform a nutritional check and talk through the pacing of fueling while out for a long effort.  


Black Canyon Point to Point

Join us for an exhilarating day of trail running along sections of the iconic Black Canyon Ultras route and the Cocodona 250. An immersive experience that combines stunning scenery, challenging terrain, and the spirit of camaraderie among fellow runners.

The combination of the Black Canyon Ultras course and The Cocodona 250 course promises an awe-inspiring journey through Arizona's captivating landscapes. From the rugged canyons to the serene desert trails, each step offers panoramic views that will leave you breathless.

This day will allow us to implement any lessons-learned from the nutrition checks and other topics from the previous days. Spend time chatting with the new friends you have made along the way but don’t forget to look around. Encountering varying terrain, from single-track paths to runnable sections, providing a mix of challenges and opportunities to soak in the natural beauty of the Black Canyon. This legendary course takes you on a remarkable journey through Arizona's diverse landscapes, and challenges your limits as you take on your third and final big day of running.


If you have additional questions, our Athlete Services will be happy to answer them:  //   866.355.0645

Sonoran Desert Winter Ultrarunning Escape 2024
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