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Athletes ❤ Our Camps

A first participation for me, I enjoyed it thoroughly
Even if the weather was not so good
The coaches were very good and supportive
Keep up the good work!
Best regards

Dupuis Angers

The coaches are always charming and a delight and crunch numbers like a CPA. 4 not 5 because coached group riding and skills no longer seem to be a part of the experience at CTS endurance camps. A good group ride as I have experienced at CTS in the (distant?) past can’t be beat!

Sabine Cranmer

CTS Tri Camp was both beautiful and hard. You can’t ask for a better location to focus on your swim bike run–cool morning and sunny afternoons like clock work every day. Dunn School eliminated a lot of the hassle of being on the road so you could focus on putting out a hard effort then recovering with great food and a quiet room to nap. I liked the camp so much that I went back to back. Best value to get your tri season fitness into high gear.

Glenn Thomas

Fantastic! Coaches, mechanics, and support staff go above and beyond to make the experience wonderful.


Had a great time, everyone was very professional and wanted to help in any way, routes were very difficult but top notch.

Charles Puckett

I thoroughly enjoyed this camp. I was surrounded by high-level runner participants and coaches who were elite runners themselves.
I wish I could come back again in 2019 but will be running the Western States training runs.
If I were to do one thing differently, I may have traded a small amount of running time for more instructional discussion time at night. I am especially interested in the mental aspects of ultra distance running as I get further along in my own pursuits of long distance running.

Atlee Burpee

Awesome! 3 hard days with great coaches, staff, and support.

David Mazyck

Loved it. Great experience. Lots of personal attention.

Geoffrey Silverstein

This was my first camp with CTS, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Beautiful area, expert & professional staff, and outstanding support for all aspects of the camp. I had a fantastic experience and most highly recommend CTS and this camp.

Joel Schiro


John w bruns

Great overall. The staff was helpful, knowledgeable, friendly. The area was beautiful and we had some great ride routes. I would have liked some additional technical points while riding. It seems that while we are all riding together, that would have been easy to do in addition to the data analysis after the field tests, etc.

Wade Miller

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The trip was very well organized. Each day, we broke into groups depending on our ability and got to know coaches, other athletes, and spend time running amazing trails. It was challenging, humbling, and exciting. The informational sessions post-run were fun. We had assignments based on what we had learned in terms of nutrition (and even got graded on it) and hydration. I learned so much from Koop as we stopped on one route and practiced downhill running. We would receive feedback and instruction and run it again. It was very practical and helpful knowledge. Getting insight from all of the different CTS coaches was invaluable. I highly recommend this opportunity for trail runners!

Brandon Batiansila

I enjoyed the camp immensely. This was my first camp and it met all of my expectations. The groups was small enough to allow the coaches to give a lot of one on one tips and encouragement. The coaches and support staff went out of there way to make sure all of the participants got the skills needed to improve their riding. The routes were challenging, but doable, even for a flat-lander like myself, The camp gave me the basic skills to build on to improve my riding, for example learning how to properly and safely descend a mountain. While I may not be able to zip down like the pros, I can get down without being terrified. I am looking forward to participating in another camp in the near future.

Charles Laffitte

This camp was first class, the accommodations and the meals were phenomenal. The coaching staff were excellent and every need was looked after.

Matthew Adey

This was my 4th La Ruta and 3rd time with CTS. While I was very impressed the first two times, this past experience left a lot to be desired. You should not have a coach who hasn’t raced the course. We got almost no guidance which was fine for me because I didn’t need it at this point but I would imagine very disappointing for others. Prior experiences were very different with real time coaching from experienced racers. It’s a lot of money to pay for just a tour guide. I’m not sure I would pay that price again given my experience.

Drew Bennett

What a well thought out camp and riding experience! This three day weekend camp, allowed me to get in quality miles in excellent weather with professional support and coaching. This location is extremely well thought out. It is about half an hour from Orlando International Airport. From arriving in Winter Garden Florida to the recommended hotel and parking , I was able to access everything I needed out the front door of the hotel without ever using a car. There is ample food, coffee, and bike shops within walking distance of the hotel so that while at camp you are able to do two things easily: ride and just as important, recover. Meeting for the rides and leaving out of town on the bike trail to access the gravel riding was a pleasure. Two days of seeing old Florida wetlands (and a German Bakery) were capped off with a day of riding Clay Roads of Lake County Florida and stepping back in time 50 years to see a side of Florida most people never get to experience. I cannot say enough good things about this camp and experience and am very glad I attended, I’ll be back for more!

Mike Miles

I LOVED the smooth roads and challenging climbs. Brevard is gorgeous. The vibe is relaxed and kind yet the coaching and training was kickass. I just don’t think it can get much better. The CTS coaches make all the difference in the world and they are excellent in Brevard.

Mary Beall Adler

This was my first camp and I was impressed at the organization of the program. The coaches worked well with me on the road and off the bike. The mechanic service was excellent and we had to deal with heavy rains on several days, which meant lots of work for them. It was very convenient for me to shop my bike in advance to have it ready to go when I arrived.

Jeff Rentz

I had a wonderful time! My only issue is that being a geezer, I got some special treatment. Not a big deal, but I’m NOT a competitive athlete, I’m a recreational one. 🙂 My goal is normally to finish a race inside the cutoffs.
So, ALL the instruction was great and made a huge difference, ESPECIALLY the nutrition session(!), but I was bringing up the tail, nearly all the time. This was NOT a bad thing, I just felt a little bad for the coaches who got assigned to geezer-sit me! LOL
So, I guess the point is, I had a GREAT time! I got to spend nearly a full hour running/walking with Koop! (He had geezer-sitting duty that day! LOLOL)
I’m just wondering if the camp may need two tracks…one for competitive athletes and one for us “recreational” types. We could all do the same “exercises” just have a different start location or shorter track.
Those are just random thoughts to make your lives a little easier. As I said, I had a blast!

Warren Nelson

This is my second Epic Endurance camp and I will return for more. I’ve taken many trips and camps. CTS has been the best at organizing the trip and working with athletes of different abilities on the road. It is an outstanding way to boost your cycling.

Jeff Rentz

Fantastic as always! Outstanding job by the coaches, great accommodations, fun group, terrific event!

Brad Harvey

My cycling experience was GREAT. I went into this bucket list event/camp with 2 months to train. I learned an incredible amount of great cycling info even though I completed less than half of the route. I stayed within my ability and rode with no anxiety whatsoever to keep it safe. I was going through a super rough patch in my personal life and training for and participating with great riders inspired me immeasurably. I’m more inspired than ever to keep riding both harder and stronger. I made some great friends!

Mary Beall Adler

This year’s Tucson mountain bike camp was fantastic. This was my third time just at this camp the coaches are always great and knowledgeable ,but very friendly people to be around. It also was fun and informative to have Todd Wells there. I have been to numerous other types of camps and they all have been not only fun but informative and challenging. Another 2018 C T S experience ,I was part of the Cape Epic race group that went over to Africa. The professionalism that things were handled was second to none.

Vince Schino

The coaches were splendid! Both Koop and AJW! I’ve been a CTS athlete off and on since close to the beginning!
Already signed up for the spring 2019 Brevard camp!

Tab Tollett

The camp was an awesome experience – far exceeded my expectations. The highlights were riding with the coaches, the incredible SAG support/bike mechanics/the detailed instruction provided while on the ride such as clothes to wear/weather conditions and the pre-planning discussions about the climbs for that day were extremely helpful. The amount of riding/climbing we did was very challenging as well. I am not sure what I expected but it was much harder than I thought it would be – in a good way. After a day of riding I was completely toasted. I should also mention the food was very good as well.
My overall impression was that coaches did everything they could to make the camp and exceptional experience for the athletes and that is why I immediately signed up for the same camp in 2019 as soon as it was available.

Mark R

Great Camp
Coaches were very helpful and ready to assist at all times in whatever you needed.
Mechanics were very helpful in going over the bike. If the bike needed a part they were able to accommodate the situation for the camp. Highly recommend these Camps.

Fletcher Smith

This was my first camp. It was an excellent experience, from coaching, riding, food to making new friends.

Anna Luo

Enjoyed the entire camp experience, mostly the ratio of coaches to campers. Liked the fact that once you were there, it was all about triathlon from when you woke up to when you went to sleep. Outstanding overall experience. The double workouts were tough but also helped me realize I can push even harder workouts to a level where they are helpful and not hurtful. Came to the camp to have professionals determine if there was room to improve at my age or if I had topped out after doing triathlons for 10 years. The coaches were very quick to pinpoint my cycling style as something that needed to change. After the camp, I hired Paul for four months with a target of USAT nationals, Malibu Classic and Bakersfield sprint. With workouts centered on cadence/power improvements and running stronger off of the bike, I had a huge improvement at Malibu and a four-minute improvement in the Bakersfield sprint, which I’ve done six times and had not PR’d in for three years.

Daniel Edwards

The Lake Tahoe Ultra Running training camp was a very enriching experience. Sharing knowledge with very experienced runners and renowned coaches was of high value to better plan my training, better choose my goals and races and increase my chances of success. Additionally, the setting, food and camaraderie were unsurpassed.

Pablo Arrieta

I loved the camp and it completely changed my understanding of cycling and how to become a better cyclist. What I most appreciated was how the coaches and staff took care of everything so that all I had to think about was riding. There was always bottles and nutrition available. The coaches were knowledgeable and kept giving me tips throughout the rides. I loved the lectures that offered so much information about training with power and managing hydration/nutrition l. I am new to cycling. At the time of the camp, I had only been cycling for 6 months and that camp improved me more in 4 days that I could have in years on my own. Whenever I find myself in a switchback, I still can hear Coach Paul in my head reminding me of the steps to maneuver safely and efficiently. But the best part of camp was meeting Coach Sheek. He was assigned to review my ride with me at the end of each day and after our first meeting I knew that I wanted to become a good cyclist, I needed him as a coach….

Analee Haro

It was awesome. We had a great group of cyclists, many of whom attended this camp regularly, and the coaching staff was very attentive. In addition, with the possibility that the weather would be bad for Saturday’s event, they arranged for us to pre-ride it the previous day. The weather turned out better than expected, but it was a great call that resulted in a better camp experience. Plus, Brevard is just a cool place to ride!

Gregg Ballew

I was quite disappointed I could not ride in Colorado because of an injury.
I understand you have a stated cancellation policy, However after losing over $5000 from the deposit I am uncomfortable signing up for other events. If I decide to I’ll sign up much closer to the event.

Linda Altman

First time. Loved how the coaches managed my experience – moderate first day, then asked more of me. I learned I have more in the tank than I thought. I don’t think I would get their on my own. Awesome job!

John Simmons

Had a blast. What more can I say. Enjoyed the group dinners and the new friendships made.


This was an instructive and enjoyable camp. CTS coaches guided us through riding in pacelines, making smooth, fast turns through corners and effective pacing on long climbs.

John McClurkin

On my first camp last April 2018 I had mixed reviews but not related to the service provided by CTS. I was training for the DK200 (finisher!) and wanted to get a block of time on the bike to get a fitness boost. The camp was concluded with an event called the Bootlegger 100. As the week went on I felt the strain of multi day rides with altitude and gravel roads taking their toll. Consequently I did not do well at the bootlegger. I realized early on it was going to be a hard day and it was. I left there saying I was not ready for the DK and wanted to opt out. Realizing this was not possible we (coach Reid) and myself started to get back to basics and focus on the positive. It is certainly possible I do not succeed at the DK without the CTS camp and Coach Reid…

Mike Petrosino

I enjoyed the camp. Josh is very knowledgeable.
It just wasn’t everything I expected.
I was hoping for a lot more individual feedback.

Eleanor Goodman

This was my first CTS camp. Over all I had a wonderful time. The coaches were very knowledgeable and very supportive, the mechanic was great too. The daily lectures were very informative and the one on one sessions with your assigned coach had a lot of value. I had a bunch of great, friendly and fun cyclists at the camp. I had such a great experience I am thinking about going on another camp.

William Robinson

This was a great camp overall that was well organized with spectacular scenery and great coaching. I am not a CTS coached athlete but they made me feel right at home and gave me lots of great feedback. It was nice to meet other athletes from all over. There was a fair range of ability which was a bit awkward at times but there were enough coaches that there wasn’t a ton of waiting around. Would defiantly do it again.

Mike Starko

I always enjoy riding with the coaches at CTS camps. As always the routes are challenging for me. I have always gotten excellent support from all of the coaches no matter how good or bad a day I may be having. The support staff is also excellent. The catered lunches were excellent and the 2 meals we had were also good. Stretching sessions with Allison were a pure delight and a great addition to the camp experience. I really liked the sessions in her studio that I was able to attend last month at the All inclusive camp.
I always learn something new each camp that helps me improve my riding skills and knowledge about my bike and how to keep it it in good condition.
The only negative I have to report is that I don’t feel enough care was given to packing up my bike. It would be better if I was involved in the process and asked what I expected. Fourtunately nothing big happened but it was not packed nearly as carefully and well as when I arrived. I was able to build back up without too much trouble.

Kenneth L Derrington

This was my first camp experience other than Brevard (which I love and love all the coaches). The California location and staff deliver the same excellence. Great riding, coaching, massage, mechanics, meals, accommodations, couldn’t ask for anything more. Looking forward to repeating in March and also the Colorado Elephant Rock camp.

Paula Stone

First CTS camp had done some trek travel stuff
Enjoyed both camps immensely.
Clayton and Renee great to work with and flexible based on my specific needs as to timing etc
Already signed up for Tucson this feb. looking to add a bucket list event soon. Suggest discounts for attending multiple camps in a year.

William McBride

Overall Camp experience was GREAT
More emphasis on FIG Climb and Descent and Gearing for less experienced riders
Second day ride and roads were fabulous
Massage therapists should be more sports oriented
Yoga Instructor was fab
Bike Fit was marginal


This was my second camp. It was actually my second time at this camp. I took it in September 2017. This was a better experience. The camp was smaller and as a result there was more personalized coaching. While the majority of the camp curriculum was the same as the previous year, there were some new skills added, for example, pace-lining, how to stand and climb.
I got more out of the camp the second time around as I was more comfortable on the bike and in better condition.
I’m working with my coach to determine the next camp I attend.

Marc Simkin