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Do These 4 Things in December To Be Fit in January

  January is traditionally when endurance athletes in the Northern Hemisphere dig in and recommit themselves to goal-oriented training. The months of November and December are often less structured, even for time-crunched athletes who rely more heavily on shorter, higher-intensity workouts to maintain and improve fitness. It’s a smart idea to think of the next…

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Weekend Reading: Thanksgiving Weekend Message

I hope you are all enjoying a safe and active Thanksgiving weekend, and that you got a chance to spend the holiday with your family and friends. Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday, not necessarily because of its historical beginnings but because it makes me remember big Thanksgiving family gatherings and look forward to more…

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How to Perform at Your Best in Every Decade

  By Chris Carmichael Just as in golf, when it comes to fitness and health you have to think about your short game and your long game. Getting out to exercise today or losing 10 pounds in the next three months is your short game; adding years to your life and – just as important…

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