World Class Training Camps

Enjoy great rides, new friends, expert instruction, and unsurpassed support.

A CTS training camp is your opportunity to focus on your passion. For a weekend or a week, take the opportunity to eat, sleep, and train like a full-time athlete. Most camps are held at or near our CTS Training Facilities, and all CTS camps combine great rides with one-on-one instruction from professional coaches and every training session is fully supported. The hardest part is going home, but you will be a smarter and better athlete when you leave.



Being at a CTS Camp is like being a pro, but without the pressure. Your bike will be cleaned and tuned daily. You’ll grab nutrition products from Bonk Breaker and head out for great workouts with the CTS Coaches. Throughout the day, our support vehicles will supply everything you could need, and no matter what your fitness level we’ll make sure your challenged but never overwhelmed.

When you’re off the bike, enjoy nutrient-packed meals, stories with new friends, and additional instruction through presentations on training, nutrition, and more. And you’ll have the opportunity to rest and recover and truly focus on making sport your top priority for a little while.

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