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What a week! Last Saturday I was up in Leadville, Colorado, to support CTS Athletes as they conquered the Leadville 100 MTB Race, this week we announced the 2015 Bucket List Event Schedule and released the “CTS Endless Summer” report, and tomorrow I’m headed to Aspen to meet Team CTS before the start of the USA Pro Challenge Race Experience. You can participate, too, via the CTS Bucket List Strava Challenge! It’s a busy summer, but I’m having a blast and I hope you are too!

I have to give a big congratulations to all the CTS Athletes who raced Ironman Boulder on August 3 and the Leadville 100 on August 9. And a huge shout-out to CTS Athlete Alex Grant of Sho-Air/Cannondale on winning the pro category at the Breck Epic! Just over the pass, we had 60 riders start the race and 52 finish the Leadville 100, a finish rate of 86.7%. Among the inspirational stories was Aaron Georgelas. He finished the 2014 LT100 in 13 hours 47 minutes. Despite missing the 12-hour cutoff, he was awarded an Official Finisher’s Medal because earlier in the day he had stopped to assist an injured rider, and after the rescue crews came in to take care of that rider, he continued on to finish the full distance.

Then there was the tandem of Joe and Jen Kraxner. Not only did they finish as the third-placed tandem in the race, they are also on their way to completing the Leadman competition by completing all of the Leadville Race Series events in one year. The last event is this weekend, the Leadville 100 Run.

This year at Leadville seemed to be a bit more about inspiration than podiums, and CTS Athlete and 4x Leadville 100 Champion Rebecca Rusch exemplified that by pacing a friend to her fastest-ever finish instead of competing for her own glory. She also released her new book, “Rusch to Glory” at Leadville, which you should definitely check out.

A complete listing of CTS Athlete Results from the 2014 Leadville 100 is below. I was proud to support our athletes in the aid stations, and if you’re thinking of racing the Leadville 100 I highly recommend doing it with us. Our athletes have earned more than 500 buckles and we’ll prepare and support a big crew of athletes again next year.

2015 Bucket List
When it comes to inspiring events and life-changing experiences, nothing beats CTS Bucket List events. New for 2015, we’re going to be heading to Belgium for a Spring Classics Experience, to Portugal for the Trans Portugal mountain bike stage race, to Brazil for the Brazil Ride, and to France for the Haute Route Alps. Of course, we’re also going to have the Amgen Tour of California Race Experience, the USA Pro Challenge Race Experience, the Dirty Kanza 200, La Ruta de los Conquistadores, and Trans Andes. A ton to choose from, but something for everybody!

A few words about the new events. For the Spring Classics Experience we’re going to ride the Tour of Flanders Cyclosportive and have VIP Access to the Tour of Flanders. In addition, we’ll ride portions of other iconic Spring Classics routes, and if you can extend your trip you’ll have the option of riding the finale of Paris-Roubaix and experiencing VIP Access to the “Hell of the North”.

For mountain bikers, the Trans Portugal mountain bike stage race is a must-ride. This race is only open to 75 athletes total, and CTS has a very limited number of entries to the event in 2015. This isn’t a big corporate event, and that means it has a much more intimate feel to it. The food is incredible, again partly because they don’t have to feed thousands of athletes. And according to CTS Coach Allen Yip, who raced it in 2013, the scenery and terrain are beautiful and challenging.

Brazil Ride is another mountain bike stage race, this time in the semi-arid region of east-central Brazil. You’re not going to be bushwhacking through tropical rainforest and slogging through mud; the terrain is challenging but a ton of fun!

Is the Bucket List for You?
We get this question a lot. People aren’t sure if they have the fitness for a Bucket List event. They’re not sure if they’re too old, or if they have the skills necessary to finish. That’s why we’ve opened up the Bucket List Application process to all athletes. We know what it takes to successfully complete these events because we’ve coached athletes through them. Fill out the application and see if you’re “Bucket List Qualified”.

A lot of the 2015 Bucket List Events are nearly a full year away, too, meaning this is a great time to commit to an event and set your long-term training goals. You don’t have to be ready for the 2015 USA Pro Challenge Race Experience right now, but with 12 months to prepare for it I’m confident my coaches could get just about any cyclist ready for the challenge.

Over the next week we’ll see how this year’s Team CTS does in the USA Pro Challenge Race Experience. I’m expecting we’ll have some hard days out on the bike, but I love seeing a group of individual cyclists come together as a team during these trips. By Stage 3 they’ll be riding like well-oiled machine! Stay tuned to www.trainright.com, our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Youtube channel for updates, photos, and videos throughout the week!

Here are those Leadville Results:

Athlete Name Finish Time Comment
Brian Tallmadge 8:00:16 20th M40-49
Nathan Heaps 8:30:58
Mark Webber 8:31:56
Fernando Salazar 8:32:05
Alvaro Lang 8:38:14
Rebecca Rusch 8:39:38
Alfredo Peralta 8:40:02
George Herriott 8:43:01
Marc Ostryniec 8:44:29
Eric Zubick 8:34.51 1st LT100
Mark Stephany 8:48:50 1st LT100
Kent Carlson 8:49:42 8th time completed Leadville and 5th time sub-9
Stephen Lebovitz 8:56:54
Morris Denton 8:57:24
angelo brunacini 9:11:10
Kevin Summers 9:18:59
Rich Connor 9:21:13
Federico Amador Leon 9:22:09 PR
greg brown 9:35:56
Harold Alfaro 9:38:28
Tiffany Ballew 9:41:00 9th F30-39
Jim Rutberg 9:44:06 10th Leadville 100 Finish
Federico Gonzalez 9:48:15
Jonna Palmer 9:57:59 first lt00
Allen Schwartz 10:01:47 PR by 13min
David Jardinico 10:09:44
Steve Lipsher 10:11:14
Joe Semple 10:12:26
Blaze Cook 10:17:09
Jen Kraxner 10:26:17 3rd Tandem
joe kraxner 10:26:17 3rd Tandem
Bruce McNab 10:31:14
chuck schuster 10:33:33 4th Tandem
karla wagner 10:33:33 4th Tandem
David Shirzad 10:45:11
Jose Baltodano 10:47:43
Janelle Blessing 10:49:37
Chris Shehan 10:58:45
Thomas Bergman 11:08:40
Rob Cowie 11:17:36
Paul F. Barnhart 11:19:07
Charlie Smith 11:32:43
Nicholas Schino 11:33:44
Faryar Shirzad 11:34:01
Dallas Eakins 11:37:24
Steve Buchwalder 11:47:55
Vince Schino 12:03:30
Simon  O’mara 12:04:10
Christian Santos 12:17:25
Tamlyn Ray Baker 12:26:26
Amy Guiffre 13:15
Aaron Georgelas 13:47 He stopped to help a guy who crashed and was in bad shape. He waited while the medic arrive. He still received a finisher medal.

Have a Great Weekend
Chris Carmichael
CEO/Head Coach of CTS

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