Shalini Zabaneh’s Race Recap: Stage Race in Belize

The Weekend of Racing looked a little like this:

·       Saturday 12 min TT/ 40 mile RR

·       Sunday 45 mile RR

The TT (12 miles) went well too, I was 3rd out a minute apart and passed the other women….did 12 miles in 31mins, 23.25mph – that was sweet – lol!!

This Saturday’s RR was hard and fast!! The race split and thank God I was upfront, two other girls got left and actually one got left from the race started!  Kaya (who’s been beating me) hung on well until the return in the crosswind where the race split…

Then Sunday’s race was only with the men’s masters and junior men, but the field was small and the race wasn't a steady hard speed, it had more jumps (more like my last two races) I followed a lot of attacks but Kaya was right on my wheel and was hiding in the pack of men for most of the race.  One of her main teammates got dropped and came back a couple times with the help of the caravans.  With only 6-miles to go, Kirah attacked and all the junior and masters that were left just watched her go…I couldn't believe it!

I had to hope the race would pick up and we would just fly past her, but everybody just waited for me to respond! Geez, I got nervous and anxious, finally a master attacked a few times forcing Kaya's group to be caught. Ii attacked again and then a master attacked and I got a free ride to the line, we caught Kirah right at the tape and I got the win!  Whew what an exciting finish for me J

The nest race is the Women’s Cross Country (70 mile RR) and it’s not going to be easy!!

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