Recipes: Apricot and Toasted Almond Yogurt


Apricot – Toasted Almond Yogurt

This recipe is a great breakfast option because it's quick to make and not too heavy on calories, but it has plenty of protein and a bit of fat to keep you satisfied through the morning. If you don't eat dairy, you can try substituting a non-dairy soy or cultured almond milk alternative to dairy yogurt. You can also toast the almonds ahead of time, which cuts down on the prep time in the morning if you're in a rush to get out  the door. If you don't have ground almonds at home, you can make it by putting almonds in a food processor or coffee grinder and pulsing them carefully. You want a flour-like texture or a bit grainier than that. If you go too far, you'll end up with almond butter!

Serves 4


2 cups  plain non-fat yogurt

4 T fresh ground almonds      

4 T fruit-only apricot jam

1/8 tsp (pinch) ground cinnamon

1/8 tsp (pinch) salt

¼ cup  sliced almonds


  1. For the toasted almonds:
    1. Place a 10-12” non-stick pan over low-medium to medium heat
    2. Add the sliced almonds and stir until starting to have shades of golden brown.
  2. For the Yogurt
    1. In a blender or food processor add all ingredients except for the toasted almonds.
    2. Pulse the blender until smooth and all ingredients are mixed in.
    3. Serve in bowls with the toasted almonds sprinkled on top.

Nutritional Information

Calories (kcal): 194

Carbohydrate: 25 grams

Protein: 10 grams

Fat: 6 grams


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