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Rea Kolbl: Seeking Challenges Outside Your Comfort Zone

About this episode:
In this week’s episode, coach Hillary talks with professional obstacle course racer Rea Kolbl about her evolution as an athlete, how she adapts to the unpredictable situations she has encountered both in life and races, and why she purposely tries new things that are outside of her comfort zone.

Guest Bio – Rea Kolbl:

Rea Kolbl is a professional athlete in love with the outdoors. While her primary sport is obstacle course racing (OCR), she loves any kind of self-propelled motion outside, especially in the mountains. Rea grew up in Slovenia, where sports always played a big part in her life; she was on the national gymnastics team for most of her childhood. After moving to America, she slowly fell in love with trail running, until miles on trails brought her back to her life as an athlete. After finishing her master’s in materials science and engineering at Stanford, she moved to Boulder, Colorado, to take a chance on a life as a full-time athlete. In the past couple of years, Rea has won three 24-hour OCR Ultra World Championships and remains undefeated at endurance OCR of 30 miles or longer. Colorado helped her find a new love of adventure: she also learned how to mountain bike, backcountry ski and climb. Most recently, Rea participated in an expedition adventure race hosted by Bear Grylls in Fiji, a 700-kilometre-plus journey that taught her so much about herself, life and what a true adventure can be like.


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Episode Highlights:

  • Adapting to unpredictable situations
  • Learning about yourself through challenges
  • Bouncing back from a rut
  • Seeking out things you’re bad at

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