Press Release: Knight Composites and CTS Form Performance Partnership

Knight Composites proudly offers a competitive edge for CTS Athletes

Knight Composites is starting to get a reputation for attracting the attention of athletes looking for a competitive edge, and their latest partnership with CTS’ Global Athlete Perks Program is no exception.

Knight Founder and CEO, Beverly Lucas and Chris Carmichael, Founder and CEO of CTS worked together in the past and, and recently reconnected following the growth of the Knight brand. “Beverly Lucas and the team of innovators and industry veterans behind Knight Composites wheels have a proven history of producing the highest quality products and delivering great value and superior customer service to athletes,” said Carmichael. “We’re proud to incorporate Knight Wheels into the CTS Athlete Perks Program, which provides CTS-coached athletes valuable incentives on select products from our partners.”

CTS-coached athletes can take advantage of a 25% discount on Knight Wheels by visiting the CTS Athlete Perks site.

“An important aspect I like about Knight Composites is that they are a world-wide company that understands modern, international commerce,” commented Carmichael. “CTS coaches athletes all over the world, and to me an important aspect of this partnership is that we can get Knight Composites wheels into the hands of CTS Athletes anywhere in the world.”

Lucas agreed. “I’ve followed CTS for years but have been a particularly keen disciple since Chris published ‘The Time-Crunched Cyclist’ back in 2009, simply because that is exactly what I and most of our mutual customers are. I’m a full-time mum, running a thriving business and I still want to win the Tour de France at 44, so if CTS can help us all train smarter, and Knight can help us all ride faster, it’s a sure win-win for everyone. I reckon we’ll see a few more CTS athletes on the podium this year!”

About Knight Composites

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Knight Composites was conceived in the summer of 2013 by bicycle industry veterans Jim Pfeil, Beverly Lucas and Kevin Quan, with the goal of producing a faster wheel than was currently available on the market. Working alongside the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies, their efforts have resulted in a new generation of super-fast, stealth-wheel designs that have taken construction and safety standards to a whole new level, all of which is underwritten by a manufacturing team enlisting brains, engineering, technology, and personality from all over the world. Their current clincher models include the world’s fastest wheel in their 95mm depth, the fastest in its class in the 65mm, and an all-round climbing/racing/training wheel having similar aerodynamic properties in the 35mm.

Knight will extend its line to road disc, road tubulars, track and mountain wheels from late spring 2016. For further information, visit or email

About CTS

A pioneering company in the endurance coaching industry, CTS has improved the performance of more than 15,000 athletes since 2000. Founded by renowned coach and author Chris Carmichael and home to more than 40 full-time, professional coaches, CTS provides personal coaching, training camps, and Endurance Bucket List experiences to athletes of all ability levels. For more information, visit

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