Photo Gallery: USA Pro Cycling Challenge Prologue in Colorado Springs

It takes something special to shut down the Carmichael Training Systems office in Colorado Springs. We don't close the office for blizzards, bitter cold weather, monsoon rains, floods, locusts… but we do close it down when there's a big bike race in town! Chris Carmichael, Paula Amsden, Stephanie Leclerc played huge roles in bringing the USA Pro Challenge to Colorado Springs and in making the event successful in Colorado Springs. Congratulations to Chris, Paula, Stephanie, everyone on the Local Organizing Committee, and all the volunteers that devoted so much time to the event. 

As race fans, we celebrated by closing down the office, camping out on top of Ridge Road in Garden of the Gods, and cheering for the world's best cyclists. Didn't have a chance to join us? Here are some photos from the day.

Click on an image to open up a larger version.


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