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I’m about three weeks into my training for the Tour de Cure and I feel like I’m getting stronger…. a LOT stronger.  I get more comfortable each time on the bike.  However, I was beginning to notice some knee pain every now and then.  I brought the issue to Ryan’s (my trainer) attention and he recommended I get a “Bike Fit” done.  WOW, am I glad we did that!

My bike fit with Brady Irwin took about 90 minutes.  He hooked me up to a handful of sensors that sent information to a computer to track my every movement on the bike.  Brady immediately noticed (after looking at the massive readout of numbers) that my knee was not in proper position when pedaling.  The computer was able to notice what the “naked eye” could not.  Brady moved my saddle back and up to combat the problem.  We repeated a few tests so Brady could get the saddle position just right.

The next day I took my bike out for a 90 minute ride on the Air Force Academy.  And guess what???  NO PAIN!  I am able to ride longer, with more power thanks to a proper fit!   I’m so glad the experts at Carmichael Training Systems are in my corner. 

If you are currently riding, or thinking about riding I reccomend getting your bike properly “fit.”  It will save you time, effort and pain in the long run.

A proper “fit” is key to getting fit.

I will keep you updated on my progress right here on this blog. I’d love to have you ride with me in the Tour de Cure to help raise money for the American Diabetes Association. If you sign up on my team (KKTV Sports), the ADA will waive the $15.00 registration fee (code: KKTV)… you can sign up for any of the three races as a member of the KKTV Sports team. If riding is not your cup of tea, and you still want to help, I would love for you to sponsor me with a donation to the ADA! Together we can make a difference.

You can sign up for my team, or sponsor my ride by logging onto

See ya on the road!

Jesse Kurtz

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