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Jesse Kurtz, Sports Director for KKTV News in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is preparing to ride the 86-mile route of the Tour de Cure in Woodland Park, Colorado this May. We’ve decided to help Jesse prepare for the challenge, and he’s been coming in to the Endurance Sports Club at Carmichael Training Systems to ride the Computrainers before heading to work. Jesse’s also been documenting his progress and his experience on KKTV Channel 11 News with video segments on Sunday nights and blog posts on Here’s a recent post: Four days down, many more ahead!

I have almost completed my first week of training for the 86-mile Tour de Cure… and man does my butt hurt! In four days, I have spent about 5 hours on my bike riding approximately 100 miles. I just have one question: Why don’t they make a seat, or “saddle” as cyclists call it (I’m learning!) that doesn’t make you feel as though you’ve been sitting atop a flagpole for days? I’ve been told I’ll gain a tolerance to the discomfort and won’t notice it after a while, but I’ll believe it when I see it (or feel it, as the case may be).

Aside from not being able to sit down, I am loving the challenge of getting in shape for the Tour de Cure. The coaches at Carmichael Training Systems have been AMAZING! I was a really intimidated when I walked through the doors on Monday. After all, the best of the best train at Carmichael’s. But I quickly found out, those who want to BE their best train there too… and the coaches are committed to helping the athletes achieve their goals. Everybody is so attentive to the athletes who walk in the building making sure they have EVERYTHING they need to be successful. They take care of everything from setting up bike for training to getting you fluids (water or sports drinks) while your working out. And the best part, they do it all with a smile and encouraging words. I truly have felt like a pro athlete at Carmichael Training Systems during my first week, even though I am clearly the most inexperienced rider in the building. I look forward to going there every morning!

Here is quick look at what I did this week: 

MONDAY – Performed a “field test” where my coach, Ryan, put me through a couple of rigorous eight-minute rides to test where my fitness level. By the end of the ride, I was totally spent! The results help plan out my training schedule so I train properly.

TUESDAY – Rode a lei surly 60-minute recovery ride. Low intensity, but at a good speed. It felt good, although I have found out riding indoors can be a “mental” challenge

WEDNESDAY – I couldn’t make it in to CTS because my 3-year-old son was sick. So I rode for 60 minutes at home on my spin bike in my basement.

THURSDAY – I went to CTS at 6am (after anchoring the 10:00 news, and going to bed at 12 midnight and getting up at 5am) to participate in a spinning cl5ass. The coaches put us through and hour of what amounted to hill climbs to help train our bodies to ride at a consistently high speed. I was exhausted when I walked out at 7am, but it felt GREAT! The class was fun. There were some GREAT riders that I watched to see how the “pros” do it. Very impressive! Maybe someday, somebody will say the same thing about me??? 🙂 Maybe not!

FRIDAY – OFF DAY! Time to recover

SATURDAY – I have a 90 minute, 25-mile ride planned at the Air Force Academy

SUNDAY – Another 60-minute, lei surly recovery ride planned.

I will keep you updated on my progress right here on this blog. I’d love to have you ride with me in the Tour de Cure to help raise money for the American Diabetes Association. If you sign up on my team (KKTV Sports), the ADA will waive the $15.00 registration fee (code: KKTV)… you can sign up for any of the three races as a member of the KKTV Sports team. If riding is not your cup of tea, and you still want to help, I would love for you to sponsor me with a donation to the ADA! Together we can make a difference.

You can sign up for my team, or sponsor my ride by logging onto

If you have any questions, please email me at

Until next time, BOTTOMS UP! Cuz I can’t sit down! LOL

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