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No Registration Fee

We're waiving the coaching registration fee!

Increase Power

CTS Athletes increase power-to-weight ratio 17% in 90 days on average.

Lose Weight

CTS Athletes typically lose 10 lbs in the first 90 days of coaching.

90-Day Opt Out

Even after a couple months, if you decide coaching is not for you there's no fee to cancel within 90 days.



Cancel Anytime Within the First Month. $175/Month for 11 Months After Promotion.
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  • Expert Level Coach
  • Custom Training Program
  • Weekly Workout & File Analysis
  • Weekly Coach Communication Via Phone/Video/Email/Text
  • 24 Hour Responsiveness
  • Weekly Training Plan Adjustments
  • TrainingPeaks Premium Account

The CTS Difference

Set a Goal. Then We'll Help Push You Past It.

We believe there's an athlete in everyone, and no matter what your goal is, you deserve the same exceptional coaching the pros get. Whether your goal is to win your next race or just lose weight, we're here to guide, support, and inspire the athlete in you. This is the mission that has driven us to become the leader in the coaching industry and set us apart from our competitors. We don't just throw together template training plans. We design a personalized training program based on proven scientific principles with your cycling success in mind.

The Way Cycling Coaching Should Be

We set the bar for highly personalized coaching and training program development. It's the CTS spirit to do things the right way and deliver a service that ensures your success. There are no shortcuts with our coaching.

CTS Coaching

  • Professional CTS Coach

  • Custom & Dynamic Training Program

  • Frequent Coach Communication Via Your Chosen Method & Schedule

  • Workouts Via TrainingPeaks Premium Account

  • Power File Analysis

  • CTS Coaching College & Mentorship

  • Coaching Quality Assurance Program

  • Pro Deals From Trusted partners

Other Coaching

  • Part-time Hobbyist Coach

  • Cookie Cutter Training Plan

  • Limited & Constrained Coach Communication

  • Workouts Via Excel or Word Document

  • No Power File Analysis

  • Weekend Coaching Certification

  • No Oversight & Accountability

  • No Deals

Here's How It Works

  • STEP 1 - Select a Coaching Package

    Review the coaching package levels above to determine which one best fits your athletic goals and needs. If you're not sure which level is best for you, we're here to answer your questions and help you. Just click on the Contact Us button below.

  • STEP 2 - Get Matched With a Coach

    We'll connect with you within 24 hours to get to know you and discuss your goals, available training time, and athletic background. We’ll then hand-select which CTS professional coach is the best match and well suited for your unique goals.

  • STEP 3 - Connect With Your Coach

    Your new coach will get in contact with you within 24 to 48 hours to learn about your strengths, weaknesses, available training time, and goals (whether that's winning your next race or losing weight). Then your coach will create a custom training plan based on your specific needs, lifestyle, and schedule.

  • STEP 4 - Continually Improve Performance

    Your personal CTS Coach will continually adjust your training program based on your needs, ensure you’re progressing from workout to workout, keep you motivated, and help dial in your performance nutrition strategy.

Need Help Choosing a Coaching Package?

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Meet Our Coaching Team

Our coaches have had intensive training and are well versed in the challenges you face as a cyclist, allowing him or her to design an all encompassing training plan that'll lead you to exceed your goals. There are four levels of CTS Coaches: Expert, Senior, Pro, and Premier. Coaches start out at Expert and progress based on additional education, experience, athlete results, and other relevant expertise. Our Premier coaches are sought by the world’s best individual athletes, sports teams, and even the US Military.


We Deliver Proven Results

CTS Has Helped
Reach Their Goals

In The First 90 Days, Athletes Typically:
Increase Sustainable Power
Increase Power-to-Weight Ratio

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“I trained on my own for 5 years, but in my first 6 months with CTS I made bigger gains than ever, learned how to train right, and now I’m faster than I’ve ever been.Ben S. (cyclist, CTS Athlete since Winter 2013)
“Working with the best coach means getting the best advice, not just the best science. And that gives me confidence. When [my coach] says I can do it, I believe it.” Pavel K. (cyclist, CTS Athlete since Spring 2005)

Extra Benefits For CTS Athletes

CTS Athlete Perks

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Discounts on CTS Camps

Great rides around the country, new friends, expert instruction, and unsurpassed support.

Some of the Champion Athletes Who Trust CTS

Gregory Daniel

2016 USPRO National Champion

Mara Abbott

2016 Olympic Athlete

Caroline Mani

2017 Cyclocross French National Champion

Rebecca Rusch

7x World Champion


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