Timing & Specificity

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I chose the Climbing 7-9hr/week program because I had been planning a trip to CO to challenge myself on longer climbs. I do most of my training indoors on my Kickr and with Zwift. I was excited by the first week workouts and 6 min above FTP efforts – which I’d never completed before! I got to the second week and felt defeated not being able to finish the 3 x 8 min above FTP efforts. Lots of stress at work, some gastro issues in the week and so I backed off to my old workouts. I felt like the climbing repeats were just too specific for me and I needed variety. My knee also started hurting after that first week and I think because of the lower cadence and my choice to do the workouts indoors.
I REALLY love the Facebook group and feedback there. I’m waiting to hear about the monthly Zoom call with the Coaches as I had hoped to hear details on when that was to be held.

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