There is no way I’d be running as well as I am without Corrine

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I trust Corrine to set a plan so that I am able to reach my goals. My goals being “not dying while running a trail ultra”. When Corrine sets my schedule, I know this is what I have to do to stay on track to complete my next race. It enables me to be accountable to myself, because I can say to myself “I need to do this today, so that I can complete the race that’s two months away”. Without Corrine I’d probably just run 4 miles a day which would keep my healthy, but wouldn’t prepare me and wouldn’t progress me. With Corrine it’s not just “someone else” setting my schedule “it’s someone I trust” setting my schedule. Corrine makes it so I don’t over train or under train, which is exactly what I need.

Thomas Quigley Malcolm

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