The Memorial Day Ultrarunning Camp in Colorado Springs

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I had a wonderful time! My only issue is that being a geezer, I got some special treatment. Not a big deal, but I’m NOT a competitive athlete, I’m a recreational one. 🙂 My goal is normally to finish a race inside the cutoffs.
So, ALL the instruction was great and made a huge difference, ESPECIALLY the nutrition session(!), but I was bringing up the tail, nearly all the time. This was NOT a bad thing, I just felt a little bad for the coaches who got assigned to geezer-sit me! LOL
So, I guess the point is, I had a GREAT time! I got to spend nearly a full hour running/walking with Koop! (He had geezer-sitting duty that day! LOLOL)
I’m just wondering if the camp may need two tracks…one for competitive athletes and one for us “recreational” types. We could all do the same “exercises” just have a different start location or shorter track.
Those are just random thoughts to make your lives a little easier. As I said, I had a blast!

Warren Nelson

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