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I’m an older cyclist – 69 about to turn 70. Been riding for 20 years. I’ve been using a power meter for about 9 months. Had a paid coach, Peak’s Coaching Group, for 6 of those months. Stopped paying for a coach because of the expense at the end of October.
I’m currently self-coached. l use Training Peaks and WKO5. My CTL is 83 and I want to bring it down to the 70s for this month and next and them ramp back up. Doing strength training, range of motion and muscle activation exercises, long rowing sessions and a couple of relatively easy group rides and at least one set of VO2 max or higher intervals/week.
I bought and used several of Chris Carmichael’s books and training techniques back in the day when we all had were HRM and RPE.
I’m not sure what I can gain from a TrainRight membership. I’ve participated a little in the FB page. there seems to be very little activity there. The live sessions with coaches look interesting but they are scheduled during my weekly group rides.
the questions I have may be too specific or specialized for this format. the kind of questions you’d ask a coach.
I’m going to give it another month and see how it goes.

Craig Roshaven

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